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    EPISODE 10
    I was about to call for back up when something dramatic happened, looking close at the guys that came down from the van i noticed that what i had mistaken for a mask, was actually a hood, and what i had mistaken for a gun was infact a spanner. I watched as one of the guys went to the back of van and brought down tool box and they went in to the building opposite the one we are in.

    I went back and sat down, explain to my partner what happened but ignoring the part where i had mis-calculated them to be armed. Looking at Donald, i told him to continue what he was saying……
    Donald: well, i was saying that for someone to hack into our system that he must have the codes for it, because without it won’t be possible.
    Me: why won’t it possible?
    Donald: our system and networks are protected with a very strong firewall, which would take any best programmer day to hack into it and even if he actually does that, our system is programmed to send an automated to alarm indicating n unauthorized person the system and if the person is not granted permission to be in the system within 10 seconds, our system will shut him/her out and the person will have to begin the whole process of having into our system again.
    I was very marveled to hear such a revelation. How could a common bar has such a security? I jolted the down what he said, making a mental note to dig deep into the background of the bar.
    Me: wow, so tell me, how many knows about this and the codes?
    Donald: its only me and the boss.
    We walked out from the house having gotten enough information from him, for the time being we have to meet the boss again and ask him some question about the codes and known whether if any third party knows it because Donald has claimed he hadn’t told anyone yet.
    We entered the our car and as i was the to start it, i noticed that same van and the guys coming out the building they entered. They went to the van dropped their kits and zommed off. Now this was strange, i made to a mental note to check it later.
    We arrived at our office to meet a bunch of reporters at the gate, i was a but suprised on how many of them turned up necuase i knew that by now the news of the murder must have spread. We maneuvered our car and parked at a space we found left.the back of our car opened and my boss came in and sat down…
    Chief: this is gonna be hard jack, the press are ware of the this case and the worst aspect of it is that the knew about the evidences found against that you are a suspect in the case. Now they are question why we still allowed to continue moving around instead of prosecuting you according to the law of our county. We have tried to keep them off and i have promised them a Q&A section with you to clear out the question. I just want you to be aware of it. The section would be starting in the next 30 minutes, so prepare yourself for it.
    I nodded my head as he left the car, the press knowing about this case is a normal thing but knowing about my involvement in it shows that someone must have leaked the information to them. I heaved a sigh and got down from the car.
    On sighting me, they all rushed to me asking me questions with third miss and camera pointing at me………
    To be continued


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