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Episode 2
MASON: Its done and am clear
CALLER: good….lay low for the time being
I woke up from my deep slumber at the sound of alarm, i look at clock and its 6:30 AM, s--t! I exclaimed and got up from the bed. Am late again and the chief won’t be taking it lightly with me.
I entered the bathroom and showered, shaved and washed my mouth. I entered the bedroom and went to my wardrobe, wearing clothe, my mind drifted to yesterday activities,the chief has handed a file to sort through and make sure everything is in order before i close it and that has cost me the opportunity to hang out with my guys. I sighted, collected my car keys and headed out of the house. I am detective Jackson, a special agent of Major Crimes Investigation Unit(MCIU).

I arrived work, greeted my co-workers and sat down at my desk, when i got a call from my chief
ME: Hello, good morning sir
CHIEF: Morning, Jackson come to my office right away
ME: Yes sir
I scrambled to my feet and walked to his office with doubtful feeling on why he was calling me. I entered his office to find him and detective joy, my partner discussing.
CHIEF: Jackson, i want you and joy to go to All stars bar along the Mickwill drive,a murder case has been reported and the commissioner wants us involve in it, co-ordinate with local police and bring back report immediately. Dismissed
ME&JOY: yes sir
We went out of the office, i collected my real partner .22 hornet checked to bullet and pocketed it. Joy did the same with her .45 mini automatic and we entered the car and drove off. On arriving we flashed our badges and was allowed into the crime scene, we lifted the tape lines and approached the body, carefully enough not to disrupt anything that might be used as evidence….
ME: Hi, i am detective Jackson and this is detective joy.
Flashing my badge and joy followed suit pulling out her own badge, as i spoke to the a policeman standing above the body
ROBIN: hi i am inspector robin and thank God you guys are here
ME: good, when did you arrive here?
ROBIN: I was the one who first arrived here and had gotten the situation under control
JOY: open the blanket let see the body
My phone ringed……
At the moment the blanket was lifted and my eyes felled upon the dead face, and was shocked, the phone dropped from my hands
JOY: (turning to me) Jackson……….
To be continued….


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