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    Episode 3

    I was shocked beyond normal, i couldn’t believe my eyes, i rubbed my eyes to be sure of what am seeing, i quickly draw back from the body, in front my eyes were the cold dead body of john, my paddy back in the days………..
    I was feeling happy as i worked into the oval office, I’ve been called for a very important mission, i was to be the commander of the newly formed eagles squad unit. I entered the office to meet other 8 top secret agent just like me and General Alex
    Alex: Finally we all are here and its time to begin introduction, this agent stephine, agent troy, agent Cameroon, agent diggies, agent max, agent Casey, agent Lucas, agent john your assistant commander and finally he said pointing to me, agent Jackson your commander. That was the first time i saw him, very cheerful and happy plus he’s hard working…….

    Joy: Jackson…jackson
    i was brought back to realities, and again i stared at the body, i took a deep breath, told detective joy to took over that am going back to the car. I carefully withdraw went back to car, entered and then cried out my eyes. I couldn’t believe what i just saw, john that i spoke with yesterday, john who suppose to hold his birthday party tonight. Who could he had offended? I wondered. I was still in my car when detective joy entered and sat down.
    Joy: Hi, could you please explain to me what happened back there?
    i took a deep breath and composed myself
    Me: he was my best friend and partner when i was still in the army
    Joy: ok….anyway the chief want to speak with us in person, so we need to head back to the office
    Me: what about the situation here?
    Joy: everything is in order here, the body has been taking to the medical lab for further test to carried out so as to be sure what killed him
    Me: ok
    She started the engine and drove off
    10 minutes later, in the chief’s office joy was busy explaining to the chief the situation at hand, that the victim was a police officer and that from her point of view the victim was shot with a .17 hornady revolver. My mind was no longer there but i could remember when the chief told us to go and meet the coroner so that we can be able to discern the cause of the death and the cartridge used.
    We head of the office and went straight to the coroner office, where we meet Mr Benson.
    Benson: Hi jack and joy
    Me: hi Benson, please what do you have for us the chief is on our neck
    I brought out my pad and pen, and joy did the same.
    Benson: he was shot with a .17 hornady revolver and h……
    Joy: i said it
    Benson: and he died of shock and also alcohol was found in his blood which indicted that he might have been a bit drunk.
    Me: ok
    Joy: what about the cup that was found?
    Benson: it has been send for fingerprints collection and lets pray we would found something hopefully that will help us.
    We left the coroner office and wen back to the chief’s office. After reading our reports for a while he cleared his throat
    Chief: you can now go home, but try and come to work
    Me and Joy: yea sir
    at my house, the following morning, a knock woke me up, i wore my clothe and went to the door.
    Policeman: detective Jackson
    Me: yes
    policemen: you are under arrest for the suspected murder of john
    Me: what…..
    To be continued

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