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    How did i got into this position? Did i offend anybody or was i mistaken for another person? But the chief wouldn’t do such a mistake? I was greatly troubled as i sat on th chair in the holding room, waiting for chief or anyone whom they will sent to interrogate me.
    I couldn’t really believe this, that me Jackson who served this nation very faithful and helped out in many covet operations/mission when i was still in the eagles squad unit before it was disbanded by the recent administration. I suddenly stood up as i an idea crept into my mind. John is murdered and somehow am being implicated, could this have been some we wronged in the past? Or a covet mission we emberk on? But it couldn’t be, our identities were hidden only the government knew about us?
    My head was really burning with fever due to all the taught i was having. I know they have some kind of evidence against me and i need to think up of something that will prove my innocence.
    I went to the dispenser and fill the cup with cold water, drank some and poured the rest on my burning head. I went and sat down on the chair again, my head has cooled down a bit its time to think and my mind drifted back to the missions we carried out in the past…..
    The mission was code named “stealth fire”, the objectives was to took the target without our cover being blown and wipe off any evidence that could point to our government as the one who took the strike. The target-a very wealthy business tycoon- has many bodyguards and so much security around him. We had to find his weak point but couldn’t, we tried accessing his computer data but found out it being protected by a firm firewall that would triger an alarm once it detect unauthorized person trying to gain access to it.
    Its been six months since we got the assignment and now is the D-day to complete. One of our agent is already working as a computer analyse in the target company and has given us what we need to took him out….
    Me: (speaking into walkie-talkie) all agent confirm your position.
    They all did and i smiled even though my heart was beating fast..
    Me: maintain your positions, agent diggles take him out once he came out of the building and remember it should be a one clear shot.
    Diggles: Got that, sir.
    Me: Good, once the target is down we all leave through our different escape route, make sure you are not followed and then meet at the rendezvous point….
    Stephine: the target has left his office and on his way out
    Me: you heard that guys, let get this down…. Goodluck
    I switched off my walked-talkie, we were to maintain zero communication until the mission is accomplished. I watched the screen of my PDA and see as the red dot-the target- was coming out. I took out binoculars as looked at building as the target came out, i watched him closely and suddenly he was hit and he felled down dead…i smiled, the missing is done.
    I shook my head as i remembered that mission. Those missions we carried out, could we have wronged someone, but even if we did, the person would know about us, or his the government com-promised.
    I shook my head, it couldn’t be my head is just playing with me. I have to act cool if i had to prove myself. I took a deep breath and await anyone that would come.
    The door opened and the chief walked in with a young analysis from the tactical who was carrying a file. He sat down and looked at me with a very stern face and sat down..
    I knew immediately that i have to try hard if i am to prove to him that am innocent.
    To be continued……….


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