The story titled " Birthday Murder" was written for your great pleasures to learn ´ more from episodes of life. No part Of it should be reproduced in form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer. For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.Thanks!

The door opened and the chief walked in with a young analysis from the tactical who was carrying a file. He sat down and looked at me with a stern face. I knew i would have to try so hard to prove my innocence..

Chief: jack, am so much disappointed in you, how could you have done something like this? Why did you did it?
Me: but sir am confused, am being accused wrongly, i didn’t do it
Chief: oh shi:t(standing up) spare me that me that f-----g lie.
I was suprised, it was the first my chief was using foul language. I knew am really in for something messy.
Chief: it looks like you want to play it the hard way… Here(handing me a picture) take a look at that..
I collected the picture from him and looked at it, it was the wine glass that was found at crime laying around some few meters from the crime scene.
Chief: …jus like you know that was found some few meters from the crime scene, it could have been overlooked but i had a feeling to take it along and scan for fingerprints, when the result came out, guess who owns the fingerprints on the cup? ….you, i couldn’t believe it so i had the forensic guys triple check the fingerprints and it still gave the same result. Now can you explain that.
To say i was shocked would be an understatement. My whole body was vigorously shaken, i couldn’t believe my ears. I could see the fingerprints result right there at my face, now how could i prove my innocent. I opened my mouth to talk but no word came out.
Chief: when the result came back the third time with the same result, i had to issue an arrest warrant for you. After your arrest, your apartment was found and this what we saw, i guess it should interest you.
He handed a gun bagged to for evidence.. I looked at gun and looked back at him
chief: the gun was found in your apartment, and it was tested, the result confirmed that the bullet that killed that officer was shot from the gun. Now hw could you explain that?
My memory was automatically formatted, i couldn’t remember a way to defend myself.. I knew that once this evidence are presented in court, my case is gone and the case would be closed. What should i do? I can i bail myself out of this situation?……..
To be continued……


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