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    I looked at chief as many ideas on how to defend myself popped into my brain. should i tell him that i knew john before? That anyone who murdered him, could have known from the past? No, i couldn’t it was suppose to be a secret. I looked at him with a straight face as i start to explain myself…..
    Me: sir, with all due respect i never killed that officer. My best guess sir is that someone wanted me out of the way, someone whom i might offended in the pass. Or the person might be trying to buy time by distracting us because he or she knew that once all the evidence were found, that the focus would be on me instead of him or her.
    Chief: you have come up with something more serious.
    Me: please sir you have to listen to me, i could and would never have murdered john, he was a very good friend of mine. You need to continue the investigation out because the culprit might still be out there and who knows if he’s a serial killer.
    I looked at chief as i made the last statement and for a moment i saw that he was having a doubting feelings about keeping me here, that he was only tied by be evidence before him, so i took that as a weak point in trying to drive my point home.
    Me: ok sir, let assume am the killer, do u think i would be so careless to leave my fingerprints on the gun or still yet leave the gun at home knowing that investigation would commence.
    He looked at once and for the first since he came in, he smiled. He got up the chair and paced the room a bit still with the same smiling face. He looked at me again and sat down. All this while i was confused on the sudden change of emotions. He brought out a file…….
    Chief: jack, i loved the point you are trying to prove but let look at it from this angle. You were drunk when you shot the guy, you never knew that you have left an evidence behind. And again, you know i would give u the job to investigate the murder, so your house would not be searched and you will be able to erase any evidence against you.
    Me: sir, i can see so many cracks in this your theory……
    I was now smiling inwardly because the chief has provided me with a way out.
    Me: …….detective joy told me about the cup, if i was one, wouldn’t i try nd eliminate the evidence as you said? Also i would have had enough time to bury the gun so that it won’t be found but none of that happened.
    I saw now that he’s really confused, he has bought my idea but the evidence are hindering him from releasing me.
    Me: please sir, you got to release me, so that we can try this together.
    Chief: am sorry but its not as easy as you think, the sectional heads are now aware of the situation and they are the one to decide your fate.

    Me: but sir how could they have known, the arrest was just made this morning?
    He got up from his chair, signalled the analysis to leave us and then stopped the recorder he’s came in with.
    Chief: am also wondering the same thing jack, but who am i to question them, the fact is they are now aware and your fate is in there hands. But if i am you, i pray for a miracle to happen because i never for once believed that you commit the murder, but as you can see, i have no other option than the one i has already taken, am sorry but i have to give them feedback on what you have just answered and see what they would do about it.
    He got up, looked at me again and left the room. I slumped into chair, i couldn’t blame him he was right, if its me i would have done the same thing. I knew i had to wish for the best, a miracle to happen on my behalf.
    She opened the door and entered, brought her phone, scrolled it found the number she’s looking for, insert a scrambler in her phone and then dial the number.
    Her: the detective has been arrested and is now in custody
    Unknown: that good…… How the parcel we kept for you guys at his house
    Her: it has been found
    Unknown: good, keep me updated
    Her: ok…. What about the money
    Unknown: it would be wired to the usual account
    Her: thank you sir….
    She ended th call, smiled, remove the scrambler from her phone, composed herself very well. She opened the door silently and left the room………
    To be continued…..


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