• Episode 9: Birthday Murder Episode Story

  • The story titled " Birthday Murder" was written for your great pleasures to
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    We(me and joy) are in our vehicle, looking at the building that is situated on the address we’ve gotten from the bar manager. We had to act fast based on the Intel we just received from them about Donald. We had already called the information in and now we are just waiting for backup to arrive in case things went wrong.
    15 mins later………
    So far, there has been no movement in the house and backup has been set up two blocks away, so we had to approach the house. I checked my side arm to make sure its loaded to avoid stories that touches the heart because we can never know when we are walking into an hostile situation.
    I knocked on the door and we waited, when i heard no movement i knocked again, i knocked the third time a little bit hard and the door opened on it own. By now i was already tensed up, i pulled out my side arm and my partner did the same. She opened the door silently and we entered the house with real caution. Entering the sitting room everywhere was quiet and also in order. I made sign to my partner to checked the down stairs while i went upstairs…… I approached the first door that i saw upstairs, opened it with caution, only to find out its the study and nothing was out of ordinary. Closing the door i approached the second door, by then my partner has caught with me telling me that the downstairs are clear and that everything its in order,(strange). As i made to open the second door, i heard sound of running water from a third doorwhich i assumed to be the bathroom. We approached the doorand i position my gun at the door, signalled to joy to open the door. As she made to opened the door, the door opened on its own and a young man in his late thirties came out……..
    On seeing the gun, he was temporary shocked and then like someone triggered, he immediately dropped on his knees, begging us not to kill him,that he had no money on him, that we should collect anything we want but spare his life….
    To say i was confused would be an understatement because this was not what i had expected. I looked at joy and she was having he same shocked expression that i have.

    I lowered my gun, brought out my badge…..
    Me: I am detective Jackson and this is my partner joy, we’re with the police.
    ……..I said flashing my badge, he looked up at me with worried face, looked at my badge and his expression changed to shock.
    Man: (standing up) You are with the cops?
    Me: yes, we are( putting my gun away)
    Man: what?(angry voice) and you have the f-----g audacity to come into my house without knocking?
    Me: (suprised) we did…..
    Man: i dont give a d--n, am gonna sue your stinking asswhole to court for trespassing on my privacy.
    Me: sir, we knocked for three time and when no one opened, we had to assume the worst that why we entered….
    He made to open his mouth again but i couldn’t take any s--t from him again.
    Me: ……and actually, we are lookin for one Mr Donald that lives here?
    Man: (suprised) i am Donald
    Me: well Mr Donald, we are from the MCIU and we are here to ask you some question about th body that you found at your place of work few days ago.
    I watched him as his expression normalized.
    Donald: you should have said that before…..give me few minutes let me tidy up.
    Few minutes later…..
    He had already explain how he found the body, that he felt the urgent need to smoke but since it was allowed for staffs to smoke within the premises, he had went outside to smoke only to found the body…..
    I nodded my head at his explanation.
    Me: i was made to known that you were the one in the control during the night of the murder?
    Donald: yes i was.
    Me: and do you have any idea that the camera was tempered with and that helped the murderer to escape without being discovered?
    He was now more disturbed than before.
    Donald: hold on a minutes, are you trying to say that i have something to do with the murder?
    Me: am not saying anything yet.
    He made to talk again but i was interrupted by a voice on comms..
    Voice on comms: this is team alpha, we have an unknown vehicle, a black SUV van approaching the building.
    Me: (standing up) are you expecting anybody?
    Donald: no
    I approached the window, opened the curtain slightly only to see some people coming down from the van and they are armed……
    To be continued……

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