How My Father-In-Law Ra-ped Me While Asleep And Get Me Impregnated – Ghanaian Nurse

A Ghanaian nurse has confessed in a recent post of being pregnant for her
father's in-law.

The clearly depressed nurse who wanted to stay unknown portrayed her dad in-law exploited her while sleeping.

According to her, she first met her husband’s father as a patient at a private hospital where she works as a nurse who has been attending to him.

The embattled nurse explained that after the man became fond of her based on her treatment and when he was discharged they were still in contact till he introduced her to his son for marriage.

Read the nurse’s full story below;

Pls help my brother
Hide my identity pls
Good evening.
The summary of my issue is that I’m pregnant for my husband’s dad. I’ll give birth in 3 months time.

It all started at my work place. I’m a nurse at a private hospital and this man was sick for 7 months in our hospital and I was the only one almost all the time who was available to stand by him. My assistant had just gone on maternity leave.

When he was being discharged, he thanked me a lot for all the care but made me make him a promise to please marry his son who became my friend at the hospital, he said he had never met a woman so nice since his wife dies 12 years ago. Less than a year later I married his son.

For 2 years of marriage we never had a child and I’ve been disturbed about it and I’ve been begging my husband to let us go for check up but my husband has never accepted.

Last year my husband ask me to go to his fathers house to help with some cooking and keeping the house till he returns from his three months journey and I agreed because I was very cool with his dad.

So one night my father in – law entered my room while I was sleeping and forced his way and had se-x with me.

After that incident I felt very useless and stupid but it continued I couldn’t help anymore.

My husband did not come till 5 months later and when he came back I was already pregnant for three months but no one noticed because of my structure.

Now that the pregnancy is obvious, my husband thinks I’m pregnant for him.

My father in law knows, and my senior sister and my twin brother also knows about it. Just last week my husband found a text his dad sent me about the baby asking me if my husband has discovered it’s not his baby.

Hmmmm it has become a mess… I can’t even explain my pain right now.

Right now I want to run away… I already have my Visa but I’m scared and confused I nearly gave a wrong prescription to a patient.


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