"I Didn't Know How The Bullet Hit Kolade"- SARS Officer Tells His Own Side Of The Story Of How Kolade Johnson Was Killed

Inspector Ogunyemi Olalekan of the Gbagada division of the Lagos
State Police Command's Special Anti Cultism Squad (SACS) has clarified his adaptation of the occasions that prompted the deadly shooting of Kolade Johnson.
"I Didn't Know How The Bullet Hit Kolade"- SARS Officer Tells His Own Side Of The Story Of How Kolade Johnson Was Killed

Johnson was killed on Sunday, March 31, 2019, when officers of the unit, driven by Olalekan, were endeavoring to capture another man in view of his dreadlocks in the Mangoro region of the state.

When he was paraded alongside Sergeant Godwin Orji as the main suspects in Johnson's shooting on Tuesday, April 2, Olalekan said he didn't intend to shoot the deceased father of one.
According to him, he only shot once in the air after his team was mobbed while trying to arrest a suspected cultist.
He said,
"We heard a distress call that we should move to Mangoro. So, on getting there, we saw a group of guys smoking Indian hemp. We thought they're cultists and effected an arrest there.
"Suddenly, they mobbed us, me and my boys. So, in terms of escaping them, I fired up.
"I didn't know how it got to meet the guy in question that was shot dead, I don't know. I only fired one up."
Police officers who killed Kolade Johnson have been arrested
Eyewitnesses contradict Olalekan's story

Contrary to Olalekan's version of events, an eyewitness, identified as Mr Nana, who was with Johnson when he was shot, said Olalekan trained his gun on them.
"Kolade stood right beside me, he didn't talk. I was the one that spoke. Next thing I saw was he pointed a gun at us and shot twice,"
he said.
Nana said he and Kolade left the relaxation spot where they were watching an English Premier League game on Sunday after hearing pleas for help outside
They discovered that the officers were trying to arrest Ismail Folorunsho, a young man who appeared to have been targeted for arrest because of his dreadlocks, a common practice by the anti-cultism unit.
Folorunsho told Channels Television that he was trying to board a bus when an officer came out of nowhere to arrest him.
He said attempts to question the officers about why he was being arrested and where he was being taken to led to him being assaulted.
The struggle that ensued was what drew Nana and Johnson to where the fatal shooting eventually happened.


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