I'm Proud Of My Notorious Father - Son of Anini, most deadly armed robber

Except if you're the one confronting the immediate outcomes of an evil
action, you can't generally comprehend the 'heat' every one of the individuals who are whining are encountering or have encountered from the said 'acton'.
Osayi, second son of Lawrence Anini, the most notorious armed robber who was executed alongside his gang members in 1987, has spoken out after three decades of silence.
I'm Proud Of My Notorious Father - Son of Anini, most deadly armed robber
Osayi said he decided to speak because of people’s opinion about him for many years.

In a clip online, Osayi said anytime he goes out, people always pointed him out as ‘look at Anini’s son'. 'That is Anini’s son.’

He said he was not hiding his identity and that he is proud of his father. Osayi who wore black and carried dread locks, said he wanted to use the video to clarify some things about his late father.

He lampooned Nollywood producers over the video of ‘Anini’ saying many things in the video were untrue.

His words, “His name is not Nomayankpon as stated in the movie. Anini is not an alias but my grandfather’s name. If I am walking, people always pointed me out saying ‘see Anini pikin.’ I was somewhere yesterday and people were saying many things about Anini.

“I am not hiding my identity. I have used that name to take the Nigeria government to court for years. I am proud of my father. If the way he runs things is not okey by you, that is your opinion but he is my father.

“We are two brothers. The other one is called Osaro. There is no need for people to be pointing out at me. My grandmother is still alive. I will release the true story of Anini by this month end. There is nothing real in that drama about Anini.”


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