Legit Website To Get Free Bitcoin Core, Litecoin, Dodge, Dash For Free Online

Its a Bitcoin platform that you claim for Free and other coins too.

Remember billionaires are even investing huge money in this CRYPTOCURRENCY business , and this will cost you nothing than your data and your spare time to get this in your wallet.
Legit Website To Get Free Bitcoin Core, Litecoin, Dodge, Dash For Free Online

What am about to train everyone on is called "CRYPTOCURRENCY " and I can assure you, you not gonna regret this.

Few of us here have the idea of CRYPTOCURRENCY

While yet some of us don't have.
*Even if you have your job, this doesn't stop you from being part of this community, it will just add to your source of income on monthly basis.*

*I tell you these days two sources of income are not enough to pay our bills.*

*We just need to keep adding to our sources of income once we are sure it is legit.*
How do we get started, and majorly what do we wanna learn or do in simple term?

The main wallet we are going to use here is named " COINPOT".
Yeah!  Coinpot is a legit site to get free CRYPTOCURRENCIES without scam.
I have series of screenshots after I transferred my coins to my wallet.

All the coins you derive from all 7 websites am would automatically indicate on coinpot microwalllet.
Just Follow The Simple Steps Below To Setup Your Coinpot Account:

* Download a Google authenticator for security purpose.

To Get Started to Earn*

1. _Register this site_

2. Download  *bitcoin wallet* and *google authenticator* from your google play store

3.  •°•Account name for Google authenticato : *Coinpot*

     •°• *Your Key* follow the _STEPS below_
⭕Go to account on *coinpot dashboard* details and *enable 2fa*
⭕You will see a *26 letters copy* it

⭕Go back to Google authenticator

⭕Paste the *26 letters you copy as your key* on Google authenticator
When you're done, save it_

_This will generate 6 digit numbers from your google authenticator_

_This 6 digit numbers expires after every 30 seconds_

_This measure will secure your account_

_From hackers_
Register these sites and *Claim Now* from each site
Bonus Bitcoin http://www.bonusbitcoin.co/?ref=3AB8BF8EE411  

Moonlite Coin: http://moonliteco.in/?ref=9837fdde0e1f

Moonbitcoin : http://moonbitcoin.cash/?ref=582A0FBA2AD5


Moonbit: http://moonbit.co.in/?ref=f91ca2a0eaae

Moon dogecoin : http://moondoge.co.in/?ref=d9a445101417

Bitfun : http://bitfun.co/?ref=C68FD5429564

Note: Most of the site our of this seven, most will ask you to sign in directly with your coinpot email. Just do and start claiming on all the sites.
See my wallet screenshot as proof that you can withdraw once you you've bit the threshold.
When can you can you withdraw on coinpot :
Screenshot below 
You must reach this stage before you can withdraw on coinpot. 
 Chat me up on whatsapp if you're having issues during the setup on 08063811193
withdrawal proof screenshot.
Start claiming now good luck! 


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