Presidency Panics: Why's INEC Mute On Atiku's 'Victory' On Leaked Server Results

The Presidency through the Buhari Media association (BMO) has
communicated worry over the long quiet of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) over cases by the People's Democratic Party (PDP) that it approached the commission's backend Servers.
 Presidency Panics: Why's INEC Mute On Atiku's 'Victory' On Leaked Server Results
From the Server Results, Buhari was allegedly vanquished by Atiku.

Be that as it may, the Buhari bunch say the quietness of INEC is troubling and startling.

Niyi Akinsiju and Cassidy Madueke, respectively said this in a statement.

The pro Buhari group said “this is most frightening. That INEC is not alarmed or bothered by such blatant claim by the PDP to have procured the hacking of its systems - whether it is false or not - is most worrisome.
We would have expected INEC to swing into clearing the air immediately and distancing itself from such a criminal conduct. But INEC has kept a deafening silence. INEC’s silence on this confession of criminality against it is not golden.

“It is suspicious and carries a weight of taint that must be called out. It can be likened to a scenario where a thief says he has robbed a bank and the bank remains silent on the confession of robbery against it, whether its safes and moneys are intact or not. Silence is very weighty in any such instance”.

BMO said that it knew that the claim by the PDP that it was in possession of results fetched from the INEC servers was “a hoax and only an exhibition of the innate fraudulent character of the PDP. For instance, according to the group, the so-called results did not tally with reality, with fundamental errors such as the absence of votes of other political parties that participated during the election. Still, we believe that INEC ought not to be silent in the face of such wild allegations.

“The very character of the PDP is one of fraud, dishonesty and malfeasance; it is not out of its character to have made moves to procure the hacking into the INEC servers by some of the Commission’s staff. Its Freudian slip of this admission of the stupid attempt, however unsuccessful, must be dealt with and addressed with all sense of seriousness. This, INEC has failed to do.”

Reacting, PDP said Buhari and his team need not panic if they are sure they won the presidential election. The party said Nigerians will see the Results when they are released at the Tribunal.


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