• HEARTMELT: Story Of A Late Medical Doctor Wife Who Becomes Keke Napep Driver To Provide For Her Children

  • Here's a story of a woman, a late medical doctor's wife, who is currently suffering
    real hard to secure future for her children.
    AYNAIJANG NEWS is sharing this directly from a social media relationship expert and a story teller identied as Miss Blessing CEO.
    HEARTMELT: Story Of A Late  Medical Doctor Wife Who Becomes Keke Napep Driver To Provide For Her Children
    Lovers I am here to beg you .
    Yes I am begging you for money no matter how little .
    So today I dropped my car at the car wash and decided to fly keke to the mini market to buy chicken .
    When I got to the bus stop I saw this woman alone in the midst of men and she caught Interest, I priced her down, the others told me 500 naira but I priced her 300 naira and she begged me and I decided to give her 400 naira .
    She took me to my destination and we got talking .
    Then she bursted into tears .
    She is a widow, her husband was a medical doctor before he died and she has 3 girls ,
    She has tried different jobs, a graduate of political science but no way .
    She said she even went to beg to join sweep the road but they said she was too old for that , she stays in an incomplete building with her kids and they have survived rape so many times .then she decided to get Keke .
    Hire purchase when she gives them 15k every week but she said she is almost left with noting after the payment.
    I was holding my emotions as I cried but she could not see me.
    She showed me the 4 cups of rice her sister in-law gave her to cook for her kids.
    Now my attraction to her was not her pity story because I have had a lot of stories even worse , but my attraction was her strength. I saw the zeal to survive in her eyes, she even I picked up a job for men , no shame but she did it with pride.
    I looked at her and told her madam sorry .

    I told her my own story and she said thank you that was all she needed .
    We got to the market and I was testing her patience, she waited for me and when I was done. She did not know that all that while she waited for me I jumped another Keke to the atm to shop food stuffs for her . I did the little I could 
    I gave her 40k, and asked her to give the higher purchase people 30k for 2 weeks and use 20k, she laid down on the ground and was crying for me .

    Lovers .
    I need your support .
    I want to get her out of that Uncompleted building and change her story .
    But I need your help .
    Anything will go a long way.
    Pls pls pls .
    Should we start this movement.
    Let us prove to the world that there is dignity in labour.

    Go on her page if you have interest in assisting the woman. 


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