Watch Hotel Viral Video Shows Neymar Assaulted By Rape Accuser

A video is making rounds appearing model who charged Brazilian whiz and footballer,
Neymar of rape attacking him in a Paris lodge.

Najila Trindade held up a complaint against the footballer a week ago yet the footballer has eagerly denied the cases by means of a video he shared via his social media page.
Watch Hotel Viral Video Shows Neymar Assaulted By Rape Accuser

The 26 year old alleged that the 27 year old Brazilian had raped her in a Paris hotel room after meeting her on Instagram.
The model alleged that she suffered bruising on her bottom alongside post-traumatic stress following the meeting.
Neymar followed up this accusation with a video he released where he denied the allegations and shared conversations he shared with the model in a bid to proving his innocence.

That said, a video has now surfaced on several WhatsApp groups in Brazil where Ms. Najila Trindade was seen hitting the PSG forward as he lay on the bed.
In the video, Najila was seen lashing out at her with the footballer putting up his foot in what looked like an attempt to shove her away.

Neymar could be heard saying, “No, no, no, don’t hit me, no.” with his accuser replying “No? You’re going to hit me, right? Aren’t you going to hit me?”
She then got up from the bed continuously hitting him before appearing to hit him with an unidentified object she threw in her direction.
Ms. Najila then yells: “I’m going to hit you. You know why? You know why? Because you assaulted me yesterday. You left me here on my own.”

It is claimed that the video which was secretly shot was done with a mobile phone hidden somewhere and showing only a part of the bed during the second meeting of the pair.
The model’s lawyer claims that her client had on filmed the encounter to prove that the footballer had indeed raped and assaulted her.
However, the model’s former lawyer claimed he had advised her against what he described as a bombshell measure.


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