COZA: I'm Not Your Friend If You Don't Celebrate My Husband; WHEN MAN IS WORSHIPPED

COZA: I'm Not Your Friend If You

For thou shall worship no other god but God whose name is Jehovah is a jelous God exodus 34:14.
When a church leader set aside the worship of Jehovah and set up his own worship and teaches the congregation under him to celebrate him the leader.This is an abomination before God.
Below are the statements credited to Modele Fatoyinbo the wife of Biodun Fatoyinbo the head pastor of COZA
She was said to have made  the statements in the Coza headquarters church in Abuja on Sunday.

She took over the pulpit after her husband stepped down as the head pastor of the church following rape allegations by two ladies.
Busola Dakolo wife of a  popular musician Timi Dakolo and BBA house mate olutunmise.
Bukola alleged the pastor Abiodun Fatoyinbo raped her when she was 17 years in 1999 and olutunmise alleged he raped her in his house outside the country in 2017.
Modele the wife of the pastor defended her husband that her husband has never raped anyone not even when he was an unbeliever.
That is left for the court of law to determine.

In the heat of this,Modele concerns  are celebration of her husband and ownership of all the branches of the church.
She declared her husband remains the father of those branches..
What is a church? Church  is not a building, church is referred to in Christendom as members of the body of Christ.
The souls of the members of the body of Christ are not her concern.
What is the meaning of "if you don't celebrate Fatoyinbo you are not my friend "
These statements can only come from a novice in the kingdom of God.
It is necessary to learn or study under the good teachers of the word.
Many young Christians  lack patient to study and learn under good Christian leaders.
They claimed to be born again which to them qualify  them to  start a church.
They attract fellow young people who are novice like them.
No serious bible study but motivational talks.


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