Nigerians Can't See Our Achievements And It's Hard Selling It To Them- Buhari Perturbs

President Muhammadu Buhari has spoken to the criticisms and nitpicking about his
government saying it has proven a big challenge convincing Nigerians about the administration's successes.
Nigerians Can't See Our Achievements And It's Hard Selling It To Them Buhari Perturbs

Buhari tied the reason for Nigerians' ignorant and unpleasant perception about the administration's achievements to the doing of vested interest whom he said are used to the old corrupt order.

He nonetheless expressed resoluteness to carry on his task of delivering on the three-pronged promise of corruption fight, security and economic revitalisation.

Buhari spoke Tuesday at the State House while meeting members of the Buhari Media Organisation (BMO) who had paid him a visit.

His words: “It is not an easy job to sell this administration’s successes: we are doing unpopular things in the face of powerful individuals and taking on vested interests who are accustomed to the corrupt old order.

“But we must do things the right way. If we promised change, then we must deliver it, regardless of whose interest we touch. There must be a manifest departure from the old order.

“Fulfilling these three promises is fundamental to taking Nigeria to the Next Level. I assure you that I am resolute on the delivery of these promises. When we leave, Nigeria will be a far better place than when we came,’’ the President added.

“One message that is dear to me, that I urge you to propagate, is that I am determined to end the security challenges we face as a country, and make Nigeria a peaceful and prosperous country.”


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