Diana Marua On How She Caught Her Ex Boyfriend Having S*x In Car [Video]

Bahati and Diana Marua met during the shooting of the singer’s
music video in 2016. Diana was the main video vixen in Bahati’s song ‘Mapenzi’.

The two got married in a fake wedding as they played husband and wife in the music video. Interestingly Bahati and Diana fell deeply in love during the shoot.

Diana Marua On How She Caught Her Ex Boyfriend Having Sex In Car

They immediately started dating after the shoot and a year later on 20th October 2017 they got married for real in a low key traditional wedding.

Apparently Diana Marua was quick to fall in love with Bahati because at the time of shooting ‘Mapenzi’ she had been heartbroken by her ex boyfriend.

Diana walked into her ex having s-ex with another woman in the morning that she was going to shoot the ‘Mapenzi’ song.

The mother of two narrated the incident in a YouTube video while she was in company of her husband. She said that;

My heart was torn apart, it is the very morning that we were going to shoot the ‘Mapenzi’ video that I found my ex-boyfriend, cheating on me. Unajua mimi huona hizi vitu kwa movie, sikujua hizo uhappen in real life. I found the guy cheating on me. I actual found this guy with a chick in the car and to be honest they were pants down. I cried my heart out that morning. I remember I went back to the house to try and get myself together, coz I was leaving for Bahati’s video shoot,” said Diana Marua.

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