Angry Nigerians Attacks Foreigners Car, Driver On The Run (Video)

 Nigerians Attacks Foreigners Car, Driver On The Run

A video received from a reliable source by Aynaijang.com shown
angry Nigerians ambushing  South African foreigners vehicle in Jekande, Lekki of Lagos state. 

The current xenophobia which surfaced as a result of the manners Nigerians are been killed, properties destruction, and others in South Africa has triggered outrageous retaliation as Nigerians are provoked.

AYNAIJANG CEO VIEWS: Stand up Nigerians!!!...The struggles of Nelson Mandela is put to vain. It hurts so much to see my country man horribly tortured to death for no reason.

Nigeria is one of the freest place to be, but imagine their products even sell more than ours here ( this is appalling). Shoprite, dstv and mtn should be made to halt all their business activities within Nigeria until this killing is resolved, and it should be done with immediate alacrity else South Africans here in Nigeria will also be tortured to death. That's my own opinion on this matter, talk your own Nigeria let's fight # xenophobic_attack. Video Below :

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