Celine Dion Is Back With 3 New Songs From Upcoming Album "Courage"

 Celine Dion Is Back With 3 New Songs From Upcoming Album "Courage"
On Wednesday morning, the superstar, 51, announced that her
upcoming twelfth English-language studio album, Courage, will be released on Nov. 15. Additionally, she debuted three new songs from the album including the title track “Courage,” “Lying Down”

(which she previously teased during a Carpool Karaoke segment with James Corden) and the lead single “Imperfections.”

“Imperfections” (written by Ari Leff, Michael Pollack, Nicholas Perloff-Giles and Dallas Koehlke) examines the lens of self-criticism while

“Lying Down” (written by David Guetta, Giorgio Tuinfort and Sia) challenges everyone to change their mindsets and move forward after a toxic relationship.

The title track, “Courage” (written by Stephan Moccio, Erik Alcock and Liz Rodrigues), is an anthemic call for strength and fierceness when on the precipice of a new challenge.

During a Facebook Live event in April, Dion said “Courage” was inspired by the things “we all go through in life,” including loss and sickness.

“Life had given me the tools —  my family, the way that I grew up, the way that I was raised, the way we all were raised in my family  to

find my inner strength in a way,” said the singer, who lost her husband and manager Rene Angélil to cancer in 2016. “To find the courage to keep going.”

Also featured on the album is Dion’s previously released track, “Flying on My Own,” which she performed on the last night of her historic 16-year Las Vegas residency in June to mark the next phase of her career.

Of “Flying on My Own,” Dion told the crowd during the last night of her residency, “It’s my brand new song. I have to admit that my knees are shaking right now, I’m very nervous.”

On Wednesday evening, Dion will also kick off her "Courage" world tour in Quebec City. Throughout her tour, Dion will make stops in over
Celine Dion courage world tour

50 cities across Canada and the United States before bringing it to a close in April 2020.

During the Facebook Live event in April, Dion spoke out about her decision to set out on tour.

“As you know, I have been performing at Caesar’s Palace on and off for the past 16 years,” Dion said. “I think there was a

miscommunication or something because I think I was supposed to be there for like two months. Something around that. [But] because of

the great support from people like you, we kept going on and on and on and on. You kept coming, coming, coming! My heart kept going on and on and on!”

“It’s time for a change; time to hit the road,” she added. “So many people came to us, but now we really think it’s time for us to go and see

them. So I am extremely excited to do the world tour.”

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