If South Africans Want War, We'll Give Them– Nigerians in South Africa repel Attack (Video)

A clip making rounds on the social media shows the moment 
Nigerians in South Africa alighted from a car in retaliation to what they are currently confronting over South Africans attacks, while yelling If you want war, we give you.

If you want war, we give you – Nigerians in South Africa repel attack
In the video, a group of looters in the country was about to attack the Nigerians at their residence and it appeared as though they were never going to surrender without a fight.

The Nigerians could be seen with all sorts of harmful objects as clubs, sticks with nails, metal rods and so on, and were taking the fight into the camp of the looters.

The looters however retreated as they were not on sight in the video Watch Below:

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