Nigerian Police Shot Shoprite Attacker Dead, Police Van Burnt As Nigerians Attack Shoprite Stores Across The Country (Video)

I swear, this a nation where we were deprived of our rights to
battle for our fellow Nigerians, where our leaders doesn't thinks about Nigerians living in abroad and the country itself, even our alleged security agencies are brainless to understand that its absolutely crazy to kill a Nigerian despite of the way that Nigerians are being humiliated, killed and others in South Africa. Naija Case Eh Na Apology!

A Nigerian has been reportedly shot de Shoprite mall in Osapa-London, Lekki- L
Earlier, Nigerians had attacked the Sho protesting the killings of Nigerians in X attack by south Africans.

Aynaijang.com learnt that the Apo Legislative quarters have been shut down.
Recall that South Africa’s High Commis
Nigeria , Bobby Monroe, had denied r Xenophobic attacks in his country.
Monroe denied that the attacks in Sout are xenophobic and targetted at Nigerians..

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