SHOCKING!! Furious Senator Fires Gun At Protesters, Journalist Injured [PHOTO/VIDEO]

SFurious Senator Fires Gun At Protesters, Journalist Injured
A legislator from Haiti’s ruling party -- Fanmi Lavalas,
opened fire on protesters who gathered in front of the parliament on Monday, injuring one photojournalist.

Aynaijang News gathered the demonstrators were protesting against the administration of President Jovenel Moise over fuel and food shortages.

A video footage shared by the Guardian, a British daily newspaper, showed Senator Jean Marie Ralph Fethiere pulled his handgun after the protesters swamed his car, opening the passenger-side door while gesturing and yelling at him.

After firing multiple shots to disperse the cluster of people around his car, he got back inside the vehicle and sped out of the parking lot.

The injured photojournalist was later identified as Dieu-Nalio Chery who is with Associated Press(AP), a US-based news agency.

He was said to have sustained a jaw injury and would undergo treatment to remove what appeared to be a bullet fragment.

When asked about the incident, Fethiere told Radio Mega he had acted in self-defence.

A dispute between Haiti and a U.S. energy-trading firm has caused power blackouts and fuel shortages in the nation of 11 million people.
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