UPDATE: Francis Alamezie Framed Me Up, Accused Me Of Raping His 14-year-old Son..Mrs Happiness Cries Out

 Francis Alamezie Framed Me Up, Accused Me Of Raping His 14-year-old Son..Mrs Happiness Cries Out
Mrs. happiness Nwokocha the lady accused of sexually abusing a
14 year old boy in Lagos has dismissed the rape accusation as false and a ploy to tarnish her image and that of her family because she refused to sleep with Mr. Francis Alamezie the father of Gabriel the 14 year old boy she was accused of having an affair with.

Mrs. happiness Nwokocha a primary school teacher from Umuahia, who placed a call to The News Gazette Online said she called into our newsroom on reading the story from our site to tell her side of the story for the world to know the truth, she said there was never a time she had any amorous relationship with the said boy but rather Mr. Alamezie who hailed from Ogbaku, Mbaitoli in Imo state was making passes at her, demanding that she should sleep with him, when the pressure became too much she reported to her husband who did not believe her initially because both families had good relationship, but to prove to her husband that she was telling the truth she began to record their telephone conversations and playing it back to her husband.

Narrating her ordeal Mrs. Nwokocha who was sobbing intermittently during the telephone conversation said trouble started when her husband borrowed 100, 000 naira from Mr. Alamezie their neighbour and close family friend who resides in Adeshola Street Agodo Egbe Lagos, to make up and clear a car the husbands younger brother who lives in Europe sent to them, we needed 400, 000 naira to clear the vehicle from the ports but we had only 300.000, but unfortunately the husband couldn’t meet up with the deadline for repayment as agreed, this caused a little problem between Mr. Nwokocha and Mr. Alamezie, She said Mr. Alamezie began to make love proposals to her, promising to write off the debt and keep her on a monthly stipend of 30-40.000 naira monthly if she yield to his love request, “this I didn’t find comfortable and had to inform my husband and with the evidences of the recorded telephone conversations my husband confronted him with the evidences and this angered Mr. Alamezie the more”

“On the 20th of April precisely on Easter Saturday I went to the shop down the street in the early hours of the morning around after 6;15 am, we usually buy things from the shop which belongs to Mrs. Alamezie, Gabriel the son was in the shop as usual and I was picking up things I needed when I had a thunderous slap on my back turning back it was Mr. Alamezie and the wife shouting we have caught you in our trap today and they began to beat me up and dragged me into their compound, locked the gate and Mr. Alamezie with the help of his wife tore the gown and the short I wore inside and began to snap pictures of my unclothedness, while all these were going on, in that confusion all I did was to cry and try to defend myself from the blows Mr. Francis Alamezie and the wife was dealing on me from all corners, as he was beating me he was booing and shouting “that thing you were using to make shakara I don see am today” it was Gabriel who rushed out to call my husband who on arrival saved me from the beating, it was at that point that Mr. Francis Alamezie told my husband that they caught me trying to rape Gabriel and when my husband asked Gabriel if it was true Gabriel said it was all a lie that no such thing happened, his father shouted him down and ordered him into the house.

My husband took me home as we were contemplating on what next to do, we had knocks on our door on enquiry we were told they were police men from Area M, when we got to the station after explaining what happened the area commander ordered that he (Mr. Alamezie) be locked up till the next day, the case was transferred to the human rights department Ikeja police division where they also blamed Mr. Alamezie after listening to the recorded conversation we had, we began to suspect foul play when they yielded to Mr. Alamezie’s request to take the case to the gender department, at the gender department they told us that they will get back to us three months after we didn’t hear from them and when we enquired they kept turning us around, it was at that point that my husband contacted a lawyer who wrote a petition to Zone 2 police command, at zone 2, the IPO incharge was bitter with him after listening to our case and the recorded telephone conversation, but things took a different turn and unexplainably the AIG transferred the case back to the gender division where it is clear the police there have been compromised they gave us a date to come back for the hearing.
While talking to us Mr. Nwokocha the husband to the assaulted Mrs. happiness said he was shocked to read from the press all manner of fabrications against his wife, stating that it was all lies and that if anything like that happens he wouldn’t have been behind his wife, “I am an Umuahia man and we don’t tolerate infidelity it is ridiculous fabrications to tarnish the image of my wife and that of family but we will see to the end of it” he said.
When contacted Mr. Alamezie a building materials dealer, insisted that what he sent to the press was true and that he never made any love advances to Mrs. Happiness, when I reminded him of what he told the woman over the phone he said he was only trying to help the woman and her husband as the God father of their twins.

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