• FACT CHECK: Is President Buhari Truly Marrying A Second Wife?
  • FACT CHECK: Is President Buhari Truly Marrying A Second Wife?

    News and rumours have been running rife since Wednesday over the purported
    President Muhammadu Buhari's marriage to his humanitarian affairs minister -- Sadiya Umar Farouq.
    The marriage, many reports claim, will take place Friday, October 11 whille the President's wife, Aisha Buhari is out of the country.
    Mrs Buhari left the country early August to Saudi Arabia to perform hajj (Muslim pilgrimage) and has not returned since then.
    Multitudes of hashtags have since been trending on Twitter about the wedding and the anticipated “sudden” return of Mrs Buhari to the country to stop the wedding. Some of them include:  #TheWedding, #BUSA19, #AISHA, #Presidentialwedding.  
    Further amplifying the swirling reports is a video showing Nigeria's First Lady allegedly locked up in a room in Aso Villa after she returned from London.
    Some other local news platforms have also circulated the wedding claim. They all claimed that a close source at the Presidential Villa disclosed to them that the marriage will take place on Friday, October 11, 2019.
    Former Special Assistant on Social Media to the former President Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri tweeted on Thursday night, saying that the rumour of the second wife is true, although the date of the marriage is not known yet.
    “Apparently, the second wife story is true. What cant be confirmed is the date of the wedding fatiha. This man shouldn’t tempt his Creator. He just recovered from serious ill health and now he wants to add another yarinya! Second Term, Second Wife! Baba o! #SecondTermSecondWife”
    Is Buhari getting married?
    Aynaijang.com reported earlier that no official statements have been released to either substantiatie or counter claims of the marriage and Mrs. Farouq is presently in New York promoting a UN campaign against poverty.
    In fact, the President's spokesman, Femi Adesina debunked any marriage claims in an interview granted Tribune, a local daily newspaper. 

    “How will anyone expect that the President will be getting married and it will be a secret affair?” Adesina said.
    “Nigerians like to gist and play banters, as it is another way of relaxation for many, and they have seen the president as a personality that suits their side talks. It is bad, but that is what happens.”
    Is Aisha back to the country?
    The claims that Nigeria’s First Lady is back to the country is false. The video purportedly showing her back to the villa is an old video.

    Mrs Buhari’s aide also confirmed to BBC Pidgin that the video is an old video. She said it happened about two years ago. The source, however, disclosed that Mrs Buhari and the president had a little misunderstanding and that might be the reason she is still in London.


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