• Fake miracle: Church Members Takes Prophet Abbey Side
  • Fake miracle: Church Members Takes Prophet Abbey Side

    Port Harcourt Members of the alleged self-acclaimed man of God fake
    miracle scene staged by a church in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital, whose pastor was connected to the supposed phony miracle on the lady with a shrinked arm Mrs Bose Ola, have take side of Prophet Godwill Abbey of any contribution in any fake supernatural occurrences.

    The worshipers at Ambassadors of Christ Assembly made the statement in a document signed by the church secretary, saying that Prophet Abbey neither faked, stage-managed nor paid Mrs Ola any money to fake a healing on her.
    They maintained that the Lord Jesus Christ had been doing miracles in the church and was still doing even after the controversial alleged fake healing/ miracle saga broke and went viral on the social media, stressing that Jesus Christ does not perform fake miracles and will not begin to do such now.
    They admitted that the women who came to the church in one of the Thursday midweek services had told the Pastor before the congregation that she had visited several churches in search of help (miraculous healing) after all efforts to get help from the hospital failed but regretted that the miracles he gets at each point later relapse after two days.

    They noted that the Pastor prayed for her (the woman), before the congregation and her hands straightened out, and she left the church with joy, and never came back.
    Part of the statement said, “Ambassadors of Christ Assembly” as a church, vehemently deny the rumours making the rounds that a certain woman was paid by our General Overseer/Senior pastor, Prophet Godwill Abbey to fake a miracle.
    “We reiterate that several persons have been healed through the healing power of Jesus Christ in our services and many are presently members of the church.
    “Ordinarily we should ignore such rumours as we know its mere accusations that will phase out but it became pertinent to clear the air.”

    Speaking further, the Secretary narrated the story and said, “At one of our regular Thursday midweek services, a lady came to church and sat amongst the sick believing God for healing and was brought out for prayers, while asking the man of God to help her, she explained that she had been to different churches with her arm disability and after prayers she gets healed and after a while it returns, the General Overseer had compassion on her and prayed for her, right there she got healed.

    “However, she was a visitor and left the church after service and the church has not had any interaction with her since then, it is also important to note that before her attendance neither our senior pastor nor pastors knew her.

    “Shockingly we woke up on Thursday to the news about her miracle being rumoured to be fake, we wish to state categorically that God heals and is supreme, if she received her healing in other places and the infirmity returned, should the church have turned her back?
    “We urge members of Ambassadors of Christ Assembly to remain steadfast and not be disturbed by this rumours, we also urge the general public to allow investigations unravel the truth.
    “We invite the ‘doubting Thomases’ to our services to see for themselves the mighty power of God through Jesus Christ.
    “God has been using his servant, Prophet Godswill Abbey for over 13 years and there are many testimonials to the great things God has done through Him, as a church, we wish to state that we stand with our Senior Pastor at this time, knowing that all things work together for the good of those who love God.” They said.
    Meanwhile, an online Blogger who claimed to have traced and interviewed Mrs Ola had said that the woman confirmed the continued relapsing of her healing after two days.
    The Oyo state born woman in a video clip making the rounds on social media had admitted having been to several Pastors and churches, both locally and internationally in search of a solution to the problem, without a permanent cure, and added that search of lasting cure was
    what was driving her about, but denied paying any money to any Pastor to access the prayers, even as no pastor paid or gave her any money to fake healing.

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