• 3 Actresses Who Married The Husbands Of Other Women, Funke Akindele Emerges First
  • 3 Actresses Who Married The Husbands Of Other Women, Funke Akindele Emerges First

    It is no longer news that many women have no issues with
    being the second wife of a man, some even prefer this to marry young men who have never been married.
    Today Aynaijang News will be discussing 5 Nollywood actresses who became second wives upon getting married

    Funke Akindele
    The actress's first marriage was as a second wife. Funke walked down the aisle with Kehinde Oloyede a marriage many knew was doomed from the start as Kehinde already had 6 kids with three different women.
    That marriage has since ended and Funke has found love in the arms of rapper JJC Skillz with whom she recently welcomed a set of twins.
    Speaking on her first marriage as to how things ended, she said;

    I was abused emotionally and verbally. Really, I felt we could work things out when the trouble started two months after the marriage, but I made up my mind and shut the door of the marriage at him when the trouble was coming to me too much. I stooped to conquer him; buried my fame and name to make him my husband, but it did not work.
    “At a point in time, I asked if it’s not the same man that was all over me before we married. He nearly got me off my career. He called me severally; I did not pick his calls but when he realized my silence was tormenting him, he took to Facebook. It’s alright. Ask him when did he come to my house last? He left me here in my rented apartment with nothing and he will just dash in and dash out. He gets abusive, caustic anytime we have a misunderstanding and often told me to my face, he’s going to his wife in Oshodi.”

    Ini Edo

    The actress had tongues wagging in 2008 when she married then-husband Phillips Ehiagwina. This happened a year after a certain woman named Ruth who claimed to be married to Phillips penned a letter to the actress asking that she leaves her husband alone.
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    The letter read thus;
    Hi Ini, I have information that you are having an affair with my husband, Philip Ehiagwina.
    He has been deceiving girls all over the place, making them believe he has heaven and earth. You are not the only girl obviously, but Ini watch your back so you don’t regret, I have nothing against you but a piece of advice. I heard that you might be pregnant for him, if it’s true, good luck. I called your manager and told her everything.
    You are a very pretty girl and should know how to respect your body. Do not be carried away by flashy things cause that could be deadly too. All that glitters isn’t gold, remember.”
    Ini however, never listened as she went on to marry Phillip. The marriage, however, ended 6 years later.

    Mercy Johnson

    Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson had many talking after it became public that he man was still legally married to a certain woman named Lovely Okojie with whom he has 2 kids.
    Lovely had even gone on to call Mercy out via a letter made public just weeks before Mercy was set to walk down the aisle.

    The letter read thus;
    My name is Lovely Okojie, the legal wife of Prince Odianosen Okojie, the man Mercy Johnson is set to wed in a few weeks. I was referred to you to help me share my story after all else had failed to stop another woman from breaking my home. I used to have a sweet home but now Mercy Johnson is trying to destroy it. I’ve not been able to stop crying or sleep well for the past few months.
    “I’m appealing to the world and whoever knows her to please tell her to leave my husband alone. I’m married to this man and there has never been any divorce paper signed. We are still legally married, he’s the love of my life and the father of my two lovely kids. We got married back in 2006 in Regio-Emilia, Italy, attached are pictures of the wedding. At the moment, he’s busy in Nigeria planning to wed Mercy Johnson, abandoning me and our children. Fellow women is this fair? So with all the single guys out there, Mercy could not find herself one. How can a woman not care that she’s destroying the home of another woman, all in the name of getting married desperately? I’m in terrible pain. What do I tell my children?”
    Mercy never paid heed to this as she went on to marry her man. They have remained married since and have 3 kids together.

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