Actor Saidi Balogun Finally Speaks On Reuniting Tidbits With His Ex-wife, Actress Faithia Balogun

Actor Saidi Balogun Finally Speaks On Reuniting Tidbits With His Ex-wife, Actress Faithia Balogun

Veteran actor, Saidi Balogun, has debunked tidbits flying on
the social media that he's planning to re-marry as he trashed rumors and stated that he has no immediate plans for something of such.

The veteran actor whose mother gave up the ghost recently at the age of 90, has reacted to a framed up report that he and his estranged wife, Faithia Williams are back together.

"There is absolutely no truth in it; we are not back together and have not in anyway discussed anything of such. It has not crossed my mind and I am sure she is also too busy to be thinking of something that idle", Mr. Balogun said when asked if its true he has gone back to Fathia, the mother of two of his children.
Speaking on why he is not thinking of going back to the A-list actress, Walata, as he is popularly known, said: "There is nothing in particular; it's just that I believe that we have both gone beyond that at the moment. She is facing her career and business and I am facing mine for the good of our children. Whatever great strides we make in business and our careers is for the good of our children.

"I have so much on my hands at the moment and have made up my mind to make the best out of them. Apart from my acting career and production activities, I also have a role to play at Adron Homes and Properties Limited as Director of Brand and Corporate Communications; so you can see that I have more than enough to keep me busy".
On what his relationship is like with Fathia at the moment, Mr. Balogun said it is cordial and smooth. "We have no issues whatsoever! She is the mother of my children and that will forever be a unifying factor. That we are no longer husband and wife does not make is enemies. We talk regularly on the welfare of the children and their education. We have no problem", he added.
Asked if he has any relationship at the moment, Saidi Balogun, who made history as the first Nigerian producer to shoot both three and two cast movies, Gbogbo Ere and Modupe Temi, answered in the affirmative but declined revealing the identity of the lucky lady.
"I am a full blooded man, young and active, so it can't be out of place for me to have a relationship. I will however not mention her name or reveal her identity. Aside the fact that I need to respect her privacy, I have also learnt my lesson in not making my relationship a subject of media gossip. I will be a fool to make the same mistake", he concluded.

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