Actress Angela Okorie Assassination Attempt Sparks Uproar, Fans Drags Tacha & Titans Out

Actress Angela Okorie Assassination Attempt Sparks Uproar, Fans Drags Tacha & Titans Out

It appears the report of ailing Actress Angela Okorie
, who was as of late assaulted by a anonymous shooters is taking another controversial turn as Big Brother Naija's Tacha and her fans the Titans might be in a tough situation if care isn't taken in the closest future.

Tacha and her fans has been dragged out by Angela Okorie fans, pointing hands that they should be hold responsible for the attack raged against the actress in a deadly manner.
There were allegations against the 23 year old reality TV star after the show that she looked down on a lot of people who helped her during her stay in the house.
Celebrities like Jaruma empire a popular sex therapist had called out Tacha for not appreciating all her effort, others had followed Jaruma's steps calling out the BBNaija housemate as an Ingram.
More recently, actress Angela Okorie had also called out the star, and this had sparked a lot of debate on the internet as the public dropped their opinions on the ongoing hoolabalo.

We witnessed a new turn when actress Angela Okorie was reportedly attacked by hired assassins and shot at repeatedly. The actress during a live video had revealed how the hired assassins tried to assassinate her leaving her with bullets in different parts of her head and face.

Shockingly, there are discussions that Tacha's fans 'The Titans' may be respondible for the attempted murder. Several comments have pointed accusing fingers at the BBNaija's former housematr and her fans.

Meanwhile Tacha has not reacted to the serious allegation.
"Wicked, evil, malicious titans are after this lady"

"Tacha and her very useless fans"
"Don't mess with the titans"
"Angela and madam okoro attacked in one day, after attacking madam portharcout"
These and many other comments have trailed the reports of Angela's attack and we are wondering if truly the Titans could be as deadly as they have been painted to be.
Coincidentally, another celebrity Blessing Okoro who had spoken to Tacha rather harshly had reportedly been attacked prior to Angela's attack.

Mere coincidence or planned attack? What do you think?

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