"Do you people want my blood"- Tacha blows hot, slams Jaruma, Angela Okorie

Tacha and Jaruma fight

Mixed reactions have been trailing the buzzing rift between
the former Bbbnaija housemate as regards the ungrateful label tagged to the Reality Tv star name.

Aynaijang News recall the audio supports from Jaruma and Toyin Lawani alleged that they spent alot to support the reality Tv superstar. Jaruma indicated that she used her social handle to mobilized supports when she was still in house and need help, but when Tacha got disqualified a week to the show, she came out and never showed enough appreciation for all the Kayanmata dealer did for her and this infuriated her so much that she unfollowed the ‘I pin, I berekete, I full ground’ crooner.

Angela Okorie came out last week to also make the same allegation while explicitly stating her disgust for the reality star. In an Instagram post she made to explain her disdain for Tacha, quoted in par, she says…

This Right Here keeps me going. What Ever I do for people I don’t expect A pay-Back and that is why God keeps blessing me. But as a human being, I think I deserve Gratitude. Some people I helped like Tacha can’t even say thank you for giving her my platform to push her Brand as the matter of fact she ignores me.”

During a live video made Monday night, Tacha finally responded, firing back at her benefactors, asking if they want her blood in exchange of the support they rendered to her. Here is the transcription, read…

It’s really getting boring when people still go on going talking about you being you ungrateful. I mean, it’s really getting boring for me. I don’t know if it’s getting boring for you guys… Because its super boring for me, can you people get creative already? It’s like everybody has something to say. It’s like people try to frame up something to say, and the best pickup line for them is to say, “Tacha is ungrateful. It’s boring man! Me myself, I am tired of seeing it on blogs and social media. Can you guys get creative, say something else rather than say she is ungrateful. (Laughs hysterically) then continues… what exactly do you people want? (Stresses it) do you like want my blood or something? I mean tell me, because I really want to know. It’s really getting confusing… What do you people want? Every day you say Tacha is ungrateful repeatedly… can you people please come up with something else, come up with something new please, I beg you, come up with something else. You all know that everybody has the right to say whatever they want to say on social media… you all have your phones and your social media handles and feel free to say whatever they want to say… but you all need to get this, I am not going to reply to a nobody! You can try to seek for my attention any way you want to but forget about me replying to a nobody… “She went on and on.
With Tacha blowing hot at her ex benefactors, should Tbillz be worried? And do we expect a reply from the no-nonsense Angela and perhaps Jaruma Toyin Lawani? We will bring you more updates and the drama unfolds…

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