Forget Otedola N30M Donation; Tinsel Veteran Actor Victor Olaotan Health Is Between Life And Death

Forget Otedola N30M Donation; Tinsel Veteran Actor Victor Olaotan Health  Is Between Life And Death

There is certainty that Nigerians can't so quickly forget
the buzzing headline that emanated online sometimes prior to as regards the quick assistance rendered by the Nigerian Oil Mogul, Femi Otedola, to jet veteran actor, Victo Olaotan, for thorough medical attention in abroad over his health complication.

Recall that the family and friends of the popular TV series star, Tinsel, led by superstar actor Richard Mofe Damijo had come together in 2018 to make an online post soliciting for funds from the public for the bedridden veteran actor.
When the news filtered in, to 'One', as the oil magnate likes to be called, he asked that the online funds' solicitation should be halted immediately then made a promise to take care of all the financial bills incurred by the actor till he gets back on his feet.

Billionaire Otedola kept his promise by making a donation of 100,000 American dollars to the actor which enabled him to be moved out of Nigeria to a specialist hospital in Western Asia to commence treatment.
Prior to Otedola’s intervention, uncle Victor(as he is popularly called), had been practically bedridden for almost three years following a ghastly accident he got involved in while returning from a video shoot in 2016.
Upon arrival at the foreign hospital, reports show that the veteran actor has been responding quite well as his treatment progressed.
However, like a bad recurring decimal, the lack of funds is once again threatening the progress of his recovery.
While speaking to newsmen, Mrs. Olaotan, the wife of the veteran actor said, "We are immensely grateful for the intervention of Mr. Otedola and other well-meaning Nigerians. But for their help, my husband would not have recovered as much as he has done."
She continued that "due to the success of the first phase of his treatment, specialists handling his case have recommended a second and third phase of treatment before he can return to Nigeria.
"This is where we have a challenge. Since the money graciously provided by Mr. Femi Otedola ran its course in March 2019, the family has also paid a monthly bill of N5m up till August 2019.
"This money was largely sourced from friends, colleagues and fans of my husband who contributed to a GoFundMe account opened in his name and used to cover his treatment. Unfortunately, we have not been able to meet this obligation again since September 2019."

Mrs. Olaotan further stated that due to the current inability to pay, the foreign hospital is already threatening to return the veteran actor to Nigeria without completing his treatment.
"I am really appealing to Nigerians to help with these last two phases of his treatment so that he can return to Nigeria for a full recovery and get a chance to be the father to his three children again," Mrs. Olaotan said.
Victor Olaotan is undergoing treatment for traumatic brain injury. He would have been back on his feet and able to join his family before the end of 2019 if he had completed the second and third phase of his treatment.

What currently stands between him and the fulfillment of the dream is the bill of about $250,000.

"This," says Mrs. Olaotan, "is why we are appealing to all well-meaning Nigerians not be weary in coming to our aid again. Your help at this critical stage will go a long way in ensuring that this veteran actor is able to get back on his feet." The quest is on to prevent another death of one of our favorite Nollywood veterans, if you can, please save a soul!

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