GBESE!!! Nigerian Woman Absconds After Using N5m Contribution (Ajo) For Her Wedding

GBESE!!! Nigerian Woman Absconds After Using N5m Contribution (Ajo) For Her Wedding

A lady identified as Tosin, who recently got married has
been called out on Instagram for using N5m contribution "ajo" money of other members to plan her wedding.

An Instagram user @finest001 took to her page to call out Tosin due to her refusal to pay up the N5m contribution money.

According to reports, she has been given enough time to pay up the debt, but instead of doing so, she blocked her.

Read what she wrote below:

Hi everybody please I don’t do this but this lady right here deserves it all after collecting ajor to do wedding now she refuse to pay back people’s money 5M have giving her enough time to pay back up till now Tosin (Adebayo deborah olusanya) refuse to pay and blocked me good Nigerian e shanumi 😭😭😫😫😫🙏🏻this is people’s money @mrsnefa @nefawears I called her hubby,sister in law sent a message to them all to help me beg Tosin to pay her debt no1 is saying anything people are on my neck for their money plzzzz everyone help me tag her family till they see this and pay tosin you will never know peace in this marriage of urs until you pay back people’s money 

This was when this stupid lady was begging for early numbers that if I changed all the numbers I promised her the wedding won’t hold (Tosin olusanya deborah )I have all prove with me Incase you think I end chat darling I don’t coz I’m not dump like you btw I still have more you dare open your mouth to tell me about LAW awww Onigbese talking about Defamation of character and her name 🤣🤣😃😃😃

What would you do to Tosin if you were a member of this contribution group?

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