He proposed to me but his di*ck is so huge, always bleeding during s*x in pain. Should I marry him?

He proposed to me but his di*ck is so huge, always bleeding during s*x in pain. Should I marry him?

A beautiful Nigerian lady has reached out to Mr Adeniran
Ayomide, online relationship and marriage counselor with hundred thousands followers on his social media page.
The lady who pleaded anonymity is currently in confusion if she can proceed onward into a marriage after the man he love proposed to her to walk down the aisle.
But the only issue is nthe man gigantic manhood.

As per message received from her :

My boyfriend just proposed to me, we love each other so much and have always wanted to spend the rest of our lives together but there is a little issue. Its the size of his manhood. Its huge and sometimes during s-x, i feel his di-ck hitting my cervix like a wrecking ball tearing down a building.. we have to pause because I start feeling pains in my pelvis, i have to roll on the floor for 5 to 10 minutes before i feel okay, sometimes i even take panadol. We have ran tests twice and everything is fine with me but i still feel the pain sometimes. There was a time his d*ck made my period come early during s-x. I felt pain and started rolling on the floor only to see my period had started and i dont think it was a tear or bleed because the blood flow lasted for 4days which is my usual period duration. He also likes head a lot and loves deep throat but he is so big and long that sometimes i purposely go on an empty stomach before we get down because if i eat, i will throw up. This may sound funny but it’s really a problem for me. I dont know if I should end the relationship because of this. I really love him and he is everything i want in a man, I just wish he was a bit smaller down there, i am wondering if i can cope with this for the rest of my life, i am also somehow hoping childbirth will make things better but i dont know. I have not discussed this with anyone because it’s kind of awkward for me...what do i do?

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