For all the singles:
Dear singles, making a decision over a wrong relationship or a relationship that isn't working isn't easy. It requires a lot of tactfulness and carefulness.
Remember, when you decide to break up with a lover over the above mentioned reasons, you are not enemies. You guys are just acting in your best interests.
Over the years, many lovers who broke up, didn't break up amicably. There were some fights and hatred because one partner thought it to be unfair for the other partner to leave after spending years together and sharing good memories.

This  article is not to talk about the morality of one's action with regards to ending a wrong relationship. It's to teach people how to do things in a godly way. Remember, whether in a relationship or out of a relationship, God's name mustn't be scandalized. He must be glorified.
As a Christian, over the years I have come to understand God this way: "All things work for the good of those who love God..." (Romans 8:28). All I want is to be at the center of God's will. God's will is ending a wrong relationship. Please don't hold on to what God wants you to let go of. Most times we hear God very well but pretend not to have heard Him or know what He wants us to do because of our selfish reasons or our distorted and beclouded emotions. However, most times, obeying God may be very difficult but the end result is usually beneficial and satisfactory to us.
Now, for the sake of those who are in a wrong relationship or a relationship that isn't working but are wondering how to come out of it, I want to borrow you some words you could use as a template. You may consider the following. Please this is an example, OK?
Dear .........

How are you today? I trust you're having a great day.
For some time now, I have been in prayers and deep thoughts over the state of our relationship. Considering all the happenings between us, I think the signs are not good and I believe we are in a wrong relationship. On this note, I am afraid to let you know that I will like us to end the relationship because I am no longer interested in it. I think this decision is for our best interests. It's a hard decision on my part and I know it's also going to be very hard on you. But as you know, no relationship succeeds without the interest, love and commitment of the two parties. Since I am no longer interested in it, I am not sure it will ever work out for the two of us.

However, I would like to say a big "thank you" to you. Understand that during our time together we shared a few memorable moments that will stay with me for life. I would also like to use this medium to wish you all the best in your future love life. I pray you finally meet your God-ordained spouse with whom you will be happy forever.
Please I would request from you to be left alone. I will appreciate if you don't bother me with calls and text messages or in anyway because I have made up my mind and I am moving on without you. I am sorry but I have to leave now.
Thank you for your understanding.
God bless you.
You see, one very great problem in Christianity is pretence. Many believers pretend a lot. Many Christians marriages are wrong marriages yet they pretend about it. Many are dying in silence because it's almost a taboo to complain about their marriage. The rate of divorce among us is worrisome. But we can address it by doing the needful. Enough of pretence. As a single, if you're in a wrong relationship, please end it now. Because should you marry wrong, you will have only yourself to blame for the mistake, not your parents, pastor, friends, siblings or even God. But you. Once again, all your relationship mistakes must end in 2019. Many thanks for reading, commenting and sharing.

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