#ImpeachBuhari Trends As Nigerians Insists President Buhari Must Follow Donald Trump..See Reactions

#ImpeachBuhari Trends As Nigerians Insists President Buhari Must Follow Donald Trump

Nigerians have taken to social media to react to the
Impeachment of the United States President, Donald Trump and urge the Nigerian Senate to follow suit to impeach Buhari.
Trump has now been formally impeached by the House of Representatives, for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

The vote followed weeks of testimony, related to his dealings with Ukraine. 230 to 197 votes in the Democratic-majority House saw to the impeachment of the US president.

He is now the third president in US history to be impeached after Andrew Johnson  in 1868 and Bill Clinton in 1998.

However, some of the Twitter users said a President must not be allowed to become a dictator because he has abused his power as a president by disobeying a lot of court orders.

Buhari has disobeyed court more than five times in the likes of Omoyele Sowore, Ibraheem El-Zakzaky, Sambo Dasuki and others.

Some of the reactions;

@biodunsan said, “.@MBuhari has abused his powers as the President of Nigeria. Buhari has disobeyed over 40 Court Orders, aided corrupt politicians, insulted Nigerians in an international conference, attacked journalists and activists and incarcerated them illegally. #ImpeachBuhari #ImpeachmentDay”

@ayemojubar said, “I see #ImpeachBuhari flying around on Twitter 🙄, who will impeach Buhari in #Nigeria? 😆😁😂🤣
What we have in Nigeria is CrazyDemo and not democracy.”

@QdPaper said, “#impeachbuhari is trending when we have speaker Femi gbajabiala & senate president ahmed lawani.😂
Nigerians on twitter are not always realistic with theirselves they do copy & paste
Same buhari twitter is trending his impeachment just approved 37billion for revolution of NASS.”

@Aloy888 said, “When it comes to impeach Buhari. We can't because we don't have a working system. If you come out for peaceful protest, you go killed. The forces controlling the government. We can't impeach him because the judicial system is dead a d buried. #impeachbuhari”

@Hankvalj said, “Trump didn’t do 30% of what Buhari have done, disobeying court orders alone is enough to impeach any sitting government worker but what do I even know. The country and its government is nothing but a disgrace to democracy #Impeachbuhari”

@awuloefiawig said, “If Nigeria successfully #impeachbuhari amma drop my nudes straight, no lies... but we know the later”

@iamProficience said, “Can buhari be #Impeached in this jungle where 

@nassnigeria budgeted almost the same amount for education budget for just renovation of a complex that was built for less than a quarter of the renovation money #revolutionNow #ImpeachBuhari”

@Oluwa_Dailo said, “The only moment I will believe people exist in Nigeria is when we all storm out on the streets, protest and push all this fags out of their comfort zones,but we are always with the mentality of 'Wetin concern me' it will kill us all...and it as started killing us
Nigerians would love that tyrant #Buhari gets impeached.

@mrfestusogun said, “However, where are the legislators who will carry out the mandate to impeach provided under Section 188 of our Constitution?
The Lawans and Gbajabiamilas of this world? Stop the joke!
#ImpeachBuhari #ImpeachmentDay”

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