Mad Woman Gave Birth To Second Child In A Year In Kogi (Photos)

Mad Woman Gave Birth To Second Child In A Year In Kogi

We have received the report of a mentally unstable
woman who gave birth to a new baby this morning, 25th December 2019 to her second child in a year in Okene Kogi State.
A young man known as Idris who resides in the area gather the information. Read below

Earlier this morning at exactly 6:43am, right on the field in front of Alhaji Kabiru Oyene new house in Okene, after Alhaji Isah Estate, a mad woman gave birth to her second child in a year.

During my research and interview with other eye witnesses, I was made to know that earlier this year on 26th of January she gave birth to her first child, as a mad woman, the child was taken away from her by the community leaders to take care of pending when the government and Ebira People Association will look into that. One of the eye witnesses said while she was returning back from Union Bank at exactly 6:38am, she heard the cry of a baby but couldn't locate the baby not until she had to trace where the baby's cry is coming out from. While she finally see the baby, she came to realize the baby was from a mad woman. She had to call some of the community members to also be an eye witness too. Though many of the eye witnesses refuses to help as at when they saw the incident because of lots of interrogation they might receive from the Nigeria Police Force. One of the eye witnesses who is a nurse also made known to me she wanted to help to cut the child's placenta before taking the child to nearest clinic/hospital but no blade and cotton wool was available and no one refuse to provide to avoid been prosecuted later by the Nigeria Police Force. After several minutes without any respond from anybody, one of the witnesses there volunteer to pick up the baby and take care of the baby as she has been looking for a child after 21years of marriage. One of the community leader who came as at that moment insisted as he order for the baby to be taken to Okene General Hospital for proper treatment pending when the community will look for a way out.

During my interview with the community leader, he said "people are just wicked because he believes it's actually a normal human being who impregnated the mad woman for a certain reason which we all don't know and abandoned her, but there is nothing we do in this life that we would not be pay back because there is really Karma. Parents should caution the children not to do evil to others so as when Karma is paying back, they shouldn't see it as maybe it's the hand work of their stepmother or there is someone behind it".
The child was later taken by one of the witness who was a nurse and other 5 witness to the Okene General Hospital for proper treatment while the woman who volunteer to take care of the child felt bad but she was made to be known by people that sooner or later, she will have her own child, might be even twins or triplets at once, as nothing is big for God to do.
More details about this will be brought to you sooner or later.

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