Man loses life during s*xual competition during the 7th round!

Man loses life during s*xual competition during the 7th round!

This is an hilarious but sad story of a man who lost his life when
he had a bet that he was better in bed than a lady.
The man known as davy reportedly di*d on his s*x contender Loveth. He took Loveth to a hotel in Ikotun, Lagos, after a debate of who would emerge victorious in a marathon s*x.

Davy trusted that he could outlast Loveth in bed and make her run that the stacked #50,000 making Loveth rise up to the occasion and be interested in the competition.

During the competition Davy was doing well that he finished six good rounds.
However he could not finish the seventh round as he collapsed on the woman.
Loveth became alarmed by this and called for the help of the hotel manager, who handed her over to the police for investigation, while the body was deposited to an unknown hospital for autopsy.

Loveth was later transferred to SCIID Panti where she narrated the entire incident.
Sources say the autopsy would determine what charges would be held against her, if any.
This is truly a hilarious but sad story, what advice do you have for Loveth and men like Davy.

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