• Oyo people rain curses on Senator Folarin over anti Makinde's comment
  • Oyo people rain curses on Senator Folarin over anti Makinde's comment

    Fifty six year old Senator Teslim Folarin from Oyo central
    senatorial district, has come under a public fire, incurred the wrath of his constituents and Oyo people, over his remarks, during a meeting of the APC members, where he openly said that, they (APC) have set two traps for Governor Seyi Makinde, that he cannot escape any of the traps. Teslim was a member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), before defecting to the opposition All Progressive Congress (APC).
    Seyi Makinde who on March 9th, 2019 sent the ruling APC parking from the State, after defeating Bayo Adelabu with over 150,000 votes, has come under serious plot by the APC to armtwist him.

    APC, displeased by the defeat and verdict of the people, have been devising various means, to see how they can collect back the State from the PDP.
    They approached Tribunal, which failed to hand the state back to them. Recently, appeal court gave a vague judgement, which many suspected to be a ground, that will enable Adelabu and APC to head to the Supreme Court, but Makinde assured his party and supporters that he remained governor of the State, because the mandate was freely given to him by the good people of Oyo State, who are tired of the way APC have been managing the State, that they can only try but won't succeed.
    I am confident that, Supreme Court will not allow itself to be used against the good people of Oyo State, we cannot afford to set the State on fire. I have told them (APC) that, if they feel that they want power at all cost, they should wait till 2023, said Makinde.
    Since the emergence of Makinde as the governor of Oyo State, he has remained the most talk about governor in Nigeria, because of his achievements within a short period of time. But, the political gladiators in Oyo State, who are fast fading away, are not so happy, their names is not in the media as often because Makinde is the star.
    An attack was launched on Makinde's Land commissioner, Barr Rahman Abdulraheem, on his way back from the office, the attack claimed the life of his police orderly, with his driver sustaining serious hurt from the indecent. Investigations are ongoing, to ascertain those behind the ugly indecent, but it may not be unconnected with the political rage by those who are no longer relevant in the politics of the state since Makinde became the figure in Oyo State, according to a sympathizer.

    Makinde, in his leadership approach, dwells more on providing pro masses agenda. According to him, he believed that, the funds, the politicians will normally share among themselves should be used to develop the State. The era of awarding contracts to the politicians, who will abandon them midway is over. Most of the contracts awarded, have a year or two completion period.
    Senator Teslim, have been receiving serious bashing and curses from the people, for wishing the governor Ill luck.
    Below are some of the comments from the people.


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