Peter Okoye 'Mr P' Comes Heavily On Brother 'Rude boy' again, Fans reacts

Peter Okoye 'Mr P' Comes Heavily On Brother 'Rude boy' again, Fans reacts
One of the solo singers from the defunct duo music group popularly
known as Peter Okoye, aka Mr P, has came heavily on his brothers once again making reference to their separation.

Recall that the duo singers family relationship in the musical industry hit the rock couple of years ago after pathetic  rift erupted between the two loving brothers and dismantled the name "P'square".

He recently tweeted an update on how life has been treating him since he went his separate way from his brother and family. He even claimed to be aging backwards all thanks to the peace of mind he has recently gained since the separation.

Fans may not be too happy with this because he has received some backlash for insinuating that he's better off without his brothers breathing down his neck daily. To which he replied "broke people think they can have an opinion..". I guess you really can't please everyone.

Peter and Paul Okoye, previously known as 'P Square', first stole our hearts back in 2003 with the song 'Senorita' and then went on to release multiple hits as a twin sensation until there was trouble in paradise. The split was first rumored to occur in 2016 but, it became official in 2017 and since then both men have lived separate lives and careers. The real reasons behind this split are still being contemplated by friends and fans alike which has left people splitting their hairs deciding whose side to take in this family feud.

Both Peter and Paul, who goes by 'Rude Boi', still make music but it seems like Paul may have an edge over his brother music-wise. What do you think?

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  1. Enter your comment...l bliv Paul z enjoy d break up more. he av bun outstanding.

  2. Truly,u Mr P have become something else since you left your brother:singing rubbish,acting ruffling....Mr P money is nothing ooo,but values'is the thing,we ur fans into shame,I will like to talk to you if you can listen.


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