See what happened to a Pastor who sold Anointing Oil for one Million naira per bottle

A pastor and founder of Jesus Deliverance Ministry in Abuja Nigeria, pastor Shola Akande was arrested for alledegedly selling anointing oil to his Church members for 1 million Naria per bottle.

The man told his members to buy the anointing oil because the power in the oil can make a poor man a millionaire in less than one month, it can heal any sickness, it can raise the dead and it works signs and wonders.

To exonerate himself from any wrongdoing, the pastor told his congregation he is not forcing anyone to buy the wonders performing anointing oil, that it is all about choice, but those who chose to buy will gain it hundred times.

Condemnation followed the action of the pastor stating that selling anointing oil is not Biblical, there is no where you can find in the Bible where the Apostles sold anointing oil.

According to one of the members, some people bought 2 bottles which is 2 million naria, while some bought more than that for their friends.

The man of God belongs to the few wealthy pastors in Nigeria who feed fat at the detriment of their members. His members said he makes more than 20 million naria every Sunday.

The question, is pastor Shola only man of God that sells anointing oil in Nigeria? the answer is no, there are other men of God in Nigeria that sell anointing oil.

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