Shocking new details emerge on embattled Akure Prophet, plus how he enjoyed government protection

Shocking new details emerge on embattled Akure Prophet, plus how he enjoyed government protection

As the nation reels from the shocking news of how a One year
old boy went missing during a church service at the Sotitobire Miracle Centre in Akure, Ondo State, new details have emerged of how the embattled founder of the church Prophet Alfa Babatunde may have enjoyed protection from powerful elements in the society prior to the intervention of the State Security Services (SSS).
According to the distraught parent of the boy, as soon as their son, Gold Eniola Kolawole was discovered to have been missing from the crèche section of the church where he was taken during the service, she raised alarm. And when it became clear that the church were not forthcoming with answers, she reported to the police and nothing happened still.
As a matter of fact, the involvement of the SSS came on heels of complaints by the family of the missing boy that the police, which initially commenced investigation on the matter, were dragging their feet on the matter. Though the prophet has claimed innocence, the SSS has held on to him for over a week, while other key members of the church have also been arrested for questioning.
In an interview with Premium Times, the mother of the missing child, Temitope Kolawole revealed that dealings with the police had shown that she was tackling a very powerful personality who might not be ruffled by what had happened as the police dallied over the situation without concrete steps towards unravelling the mystery behind the missing child.
This made people to begin to suspect that the embattled man of God may be enjoying support and protection from some influential people in government who are sympathetic to the church founder.
Speaking with the online newspaper, she revealed that it was in June this year that she first set her foot on the church premises, being invited by a family friend, who thought their spiritual life would be better if they attended the church.
According to her, when she first attended the church, she noticed that the church prayed fervently “like the old time churches” and she thought that as a young couple, she and her husband would benefit from the feeling of power noticed around the church.
She also said that she was attracted to the church when she heard wonderful testimonies of miracles told by members of the church every time at the church services. But her case was not to be so. She came with joy, but returned with sorrow, a deep one she is still battling to vanquish.

In her effort to recover her child, she had brought the case before the paramount ruler of the Akure kingdom, the Deji of Akure, where an oath was taken to curse whoever took the child. The leadership of the church declared their innocence.
But that has not yielded any result. In fact, Mrs Kolawole was told by those who are well acquainted with such practice that she should look elsewhere as that oath taking was a mere formality.
What transpired

Narrating how it all started, Mrs Kolawole said she had often been told to take her son to the crèche section, but refused because her son was small and had yet to walk.
She said she later changed her mind and went to drop her child there for the first time, when she thought that it could hasten Gold’s ability to walk when he begins to see other children walking.

On that Sunday morning as she arrived at the church, she said she went to drop the child at the section and registered him as required by the rules of the church.
She had returned mid-service to inspect her son, and she noticed that there was an adjustment in the sitting position and some food other than what she prepared for him was being offered to the child. She protested and insisted that his food pack contained enough food.

She had left on that note, but when she returned the child was not found, neither could any of the 14 caregivers at the section account for the missing child.

In fact there was no explanations from anywhere. She was told, perhaps someone came to take him away. She ran everywhere, harassing other children in their cars as they were being driven away by their parents.

“I was harassing everybody, checking whether my child was there and I did not see him, but no way until night,” she lamented.

At the end of the day, it was clear someone had taken her child away. One day had passed, then one week and now it is a whole month and a week, still no traces of the child.

According to Mrs Kolawole, the first pointer foul play was that when she went to check on the child in the middle of the church service. The child was being fed with food other than the one she brought in his food pack and his seat was turned away from the direction she left him when she first brought the child into the arena.

She said she had protested against the action knowing full well that the act was contrary to the practice in that section. However, after her protest, she left the child and returned to the main hall.
After her son was declared missing, the founder of the church, Alfa Babatunde, who had promised to ensure the child was found, did not want the matter immediately reported to the police, urging the parents to return home and be calm while efforts would be made by the church to find the child.

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