"Tinubu is a fool but he would realize too late!”-Nigerians Blast Tinubu Says He Will Never Become The Next President

Nigerians Blast Tinubu Says He Will Never Become The Next President

Nigerians have taken to social media to say the former senator
and and ex governor of Lagos State, Bola Ahmed Tinubu can never become the next president of Nigeria come 2023.
It is believe that some group of Nigerians are tipping him to become the sole candidate of APC when it is time to field the next candidate.
However due to not extending the tenure of chief tax administrator ‘Tinubu’s boy’, Fowler, by firing him is a manner speaking that President Buhari is making a statement of some sort to the Southwest base of his party which Tinubu controls.

Fowler, according to sources was handpicked by APC godfather, Bola Ahmed Tinubu to head the FIRS and has long been viewed as ‘Tinubu’s boy.’ He also answers to and swears by Bourdillon.
It also helped that Fowler was a childhood friend and a former classmate of Nigeria’s Vice President Yemi Osinbaj who Tinubu handpicked but his wings has been allegedly clipped at the presidency.
Meanwhile Nigerians who used the social media, Twitter says Tinubu is just deceiving himself because the Northerner leaders has clipped his hands and they will continue to do as to not make his ambition come through.
Some Nigerians also said Tinubu doesn’t worth to be the next president of the country because he is so corrupt.
Some of the reactions;
@DokunOjomo said, “I am not God but common sense demands that no right thinking man or woman will ask for Tinubu to be president in 2023.”
@Mr_BharseyM said, “It beat me so hard that while we should be making progress others are dragging us backwards and would end up complained bitterly.
Why should a right thinking fellow ask for the presidency of BAT is this the best we can do?”
@jacksonpbn said, “While Tinubu is busy collecting the list of APC members nationwide to reach out to them over his 2023 Presidential ambition, the cabal already have list of potentials from the North to take over from Buhari. Jagbajantist Jagaban is a fool but he would realize too late!”
@JahmalUSEN said, “Watch and see how Nigerians will see Seyi Makinde in 2023 but still choose to vote for Tinubu as President.
Either way, Seyi Makinde for President 2023 šŸ¤”
@savndaniel said, “Campaigns for Tinubu as President of NIGERIA has started.
There is nothing I will not read in this space.

Young people full of life are campaigning for Tinubu.
Lagos is the mess that it is today because of Tinubu.
I know how Lagos was sold and bought by one man. All is well!”
@Victorudofia12 said, “It's not a matter of if he is God or not it's a matter of the kind of person that Tinubu is
The style of politics he plays in Nigeria, money and corrupt practices.
It Tinubu did this on elections day as a national leader what do you think he will do if he becomes president?”

@farooqkperogi said, “Tinubu is fighting a war that has already ended!He has already lost that war, but he's too naive to realize this. They've got him by the balls. The writer of this column is quoting me today, but there's nothing that's happening today that I didn't predict since 2018. Comeuppance!”

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  1. Rubbish journalism. Tinubu did not pick Fowler.


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