Why i killed my baby daddy days before Xmas - Woman Narrates

Why i killed my baby daddy days before Xmas - Woman Narrates

A private school teacher in Lagos on Tuesday became
too emotional and lost control of her temper, thereby committing the greatest offence against mankind.
Jacinta Igboke is currently in police net for allegedly stabbing his former boyfriend, Arinze Ani, to death.
Her plan, our correspondent gathered, was to kill Ani and herself, probably so that they could continue their affairs in heaven.
The estranged lover was to get married to another lady on January 4.

The two of them had an 18-month-year old son outside wedlock, but the parents of the man were not pleased with their son marrying Igboke. They wanted him to marry someone from their village in Enugu state.
According to her, Ani had not been performing his duties over their child. She said the police had one time told him to give him N10,000 monthly for the upkeep of the child.
She, however, stated that Ani would only send N3,000 or N2,000 anytime he likes; adding that all appeals to him to take good care of the child fell on deaf ears.
As Christmas approached, Igboke informed she asked Ani to give her money to buy clothes and shoes for their child, but he refused.
She was angry that Ani could not pay for the child's Christmas clothes but he was spending on his forthcoming wedding.

On Tuesday, Igboke explained she went to Ani's shop at Old Ojo Road, Satellite Town area of Lagos State, to demand money to buy a pair of shoes for his kid. She said she had struggled to buy clothes for the child herself.
While in her shop, an argument ensued. She said Ani pushed her and she picked up a knife in self-defense. "I didn’t know when I stabbed him,” she said.

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