" You're Too Boring, Return Back to Psquare”- Fans Slams Rudeboy after Failed Performance

This probably won't be the best of times for Sensational vocalist,
Rudeboy of the defunct group, Psquare as he has needed to confront numerous trolls following an epic come up short of performance, last Sunday

In spite of the fact that numerous fans are yet to get over the split of the twin siblings which occurred years back, and have taken to differnt comparisms of the music career of the duo, it appears that Rudeboy is living below the expectations of the fans who once believed in him
Whilst many would argue otherwise following his recent hit single, “Reason with me”, a fan who was at a recent event has taken to social media to expose the disaster of a performance

It was learnt that Rudeboy was one of the artistes to perform at the last Ovation ‘Carol Night’ last Sunday, but found it very difficult to move an already excited crowd to dance. Prior to his stage performance, several artistes had performed and moved the crowd to excitement which could have set the pace for the singer however, when Rudeboy performed, the crowd went to their seats and obviously didn’t enjoy his performance.
Upon realization that he flopped the performance, Paul gave the crowd the excuse of coming straight to the Ovation ‘Carol Night’ from another show, adding that he was already exhausted.

A fan, who would have none of it was heard screaming at the top of his voice saying, “swallow your pride, makeup with your twin and bring back P-square and save your musical career please”.

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