3 Weeks After Actress Okorie Assassination Attack, Bruise And Bullets Wounds Disappeared. Is That a Miracle? Video

3 Weeks After Actress Okorie Assassination Attack, Bruise And Bullets Wounds Disappeared. Is That a Miracle?

As we all believe in signs and wonders, but the case of Actress
Okorie Angelie, seems different as Nigerians still find it difficult to accept the assassination attack that ensued online 26 days ago.

Recall that the Actress debunked the reports with few heartfelt pictures of her bruised face, bullets wounds and swollen face following a buzzing headline published by a Nigerian blogger that berated the ailing actress and admitted that she staged the whole scene to promote her new song.

Presently, I can authoritatively inform you that the bullet wounds are all gone and traces disappeared. What a miraculous God! lol

Following her recent pictures not only were the bullets gone, but the once bruised, battered and defaced head and face is now fresh and smooth like that of a newborn baby.

As per new development, the actress, presently turned singer who on Sunday, December 15, 2019, reported by means of her Instagram page that speculated professional killers assaulted her while en routing from an event where she performed live and now she currently moves around town, going to occasions and shows with mobile Police Men and Security Guards. Video Below;

In a recent Instagram post by the 'E Pain Dem' crooner, Angela said, "I can swear I have been through a lot for some time now I mean real pain too but still won't give up no matter what I am grateful for being alive."

After the attack, Angela had planned twice to hold a press conference somewhere around Island, Lagos, State, but have failed on both occasions. She had planned to meet the media so as to clear insinuations of a stage-managed attack on herself so as to promote her new single, but have failed on both attempts.

On her new video post, Angela was seen in company of two mobile Police Men and Body Guards even as her face looks ever fresh and refreshed just 25 days after she claimed doctors had to work extra hours on her to remove 10 bullets on her head and two very close to her eyes in a miraculous assassination attack that allegedly lasted for 30 minutes.

Do you think its truly a miracle that did this?#

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