9ice Ex-wife Toni Payne Celebrates Son's Professional Football Career Achievement (Video)

9ice Ex-wife Toni Payne Celebrates Son's Professional Football Career Achievement

Popular Nigerian musician, Abolore Adegbola Akande,
better known as 9ice estranged wife has taken to her Instagram handle to celebrate her son's professional football career achievement as the little boy was seen dribbling their opponent in a skillful manner.

Aynaijang News could recall that 9ice and other Nigerian musicians sometimes prior reacted to Neymar weekly salary with PSG which later instigated singer 9ice curiosity that his son must become a footballer.

Toni Payne has vowed to do her absolute best to give him all the tools he needs to be greater than she can her imagine in pursing pursuing.

She wrote;

 I didn’t really comprehend what true love was until I met him. I remember those nights in the hospital when they would beg me to put him down so I could rest. I would protest and he would sleep in my arms till nurses came again. Lol. That to me was peace. He makes my days joyful and my nights meaningful because I look forward to waking up another day being his mommy. He is the reason I grind so hard because the thought of not giving him the best, well, I don’t even wanna think about it, let me just keep doing Gods worGod'se always tries to put a smile on my face, little does he know he needs no effort. The sight of him is more than enough. My fav bible verse is because of him; see, I lay a stone in Zion, a precious and CHOSEN cornerstone, that whom so ever puts their trust in him, shall never be put to shame. I believe in this verse so much because everyday, in every way, he makes me so proud to call myself his MOMMA! Just wanI justto take this time out to publicly appreciate my young king (he gets to hear a lot of this mushy stuff at home lol). I pray to God for many more decades being his mom, watching him happily achieve great things and being totally and completely in love with him. I know you read this stuff so I LOVE YOU ZION! You are my precious cornerstone. I know the world can be confusing, even sometimes unkind, people will disappoint you and that’s ok, but one thing that won’t change is that Ill alwaI'llhave your back till forever forevermore God by my side, I will do my absolute best to give you all the tools you need to be greater than you can ever imagine. You are free to hold me accountable because as your parent, I will NEVER fail you. 🥰 Video Below;

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