"Burna Boy was cheated"- Reactions Sparks After Burna Boy Loses To Angelique Kidjo

Burna Boy was cheated Reactions Sparks After Burna Boy Loses To Angelique Kidjo
Social media has gone ablaze over the victory of Angelique
Kidjo at the prestigious most rated Music Awards better known as "Grammy Awards" held on the 26th, January 2020.

Nigerians have started reacting over Burna Boy's loss to Legendary songstress, Angelique Kidjo, claiming they were biased to considered her over self-acclaimed African Giant.

Twitter users have now taken to their social platforms saying Burna Boy was cheated and deserved to win, why some against the point claiming Angelique Kidjo is by far creative than Burna boy.

See Below;
@Drjoeabah; "Although he didn’t win the #GRAMMYAwards2020, I am very proud of the recognition that @burnaboy has received on the world stage today. Angelique Kidjo dedicating her win to him is the definition of grace and class. Burna is just 28. He will come again. Una knows to say him special."

@Ladmachass; "Whoever feels Burna Boy was cheated out should have their brain checked. Even burna’s most famous song is a sample off Angelique Kidjo grammy-winning album. We should stay guided."

@Sakpo; I'm really happy Burna lost the Grammy to Angelique Kidjo, cos if he had won, even God can testify Wizkid would have been on the trend table right now cos of some MOFOs on this App. Now that he lost, we can breathe.

If you do any preaching for me here, OGUN kisses you.

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