Commotion Between Hausa Community and Oyo State Government Over Land

Commotion Between Hausa Community and Oyo State Government Over Land

30 acres of land owned by Hausa community in Lapite
village of Moyinya area of Ibadan, Oyo State has been under looming issue in recent time. The government of Oyo state in collaboration with federal government have proposed a dry port at Ibadan and are planning to use the 30 acres of land purchased by Alhaji Haruna, the seriki sasa.

The said land has been a resting home for deceased Hausa member in the state. The land has been in use since 2005 till date and at least 3000 peoples have been buried on the land.

State government have early promised that affected people will be compensated, one of the affected living in the community said government have not done anything as promised even though they have met with government for more than four times. The affected Hausa community said they have been living peacefully in the region and they won’t tolerate any act of injustice by exhuming their bodies of their loved ones who have departed this world. Another complaint from the Hausa community was that they were not served letter that government want to take over their land until a private developer company visited them.

The affected people had on Friday went to the commissioner of lands in oyo state Barrister Abiodun AbdulRahman to lodge their complain and they were promised that justice would be met in due time and that they can continue to use the land till further step is taken from the government. At least 10 bodies are being buried everyday on that land.

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