Davido Is Under Serious Fire For Calling Donald Trump "Crazy" Over Iran War

Davido Is Under Serious Fire For Calling Donald Trump "Crazy" Over Iran War

Popular Nigerian singer, Davido might just have shot himself
in the foot after he insulted the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump.

The "Nwa Baby" singer raised some dust this morning when he joined the host of foreign celebrities like Cardi B and Meek Mill to call out Trump for his offensive strikes against Iran.

He called Donald Trump a crazy ass President and said he is not going to set foot in the United States until the war is over.
But what seems like fun to him has backfired as hundreds of Nigerians have thrown shades at him, calling him names, for insulting the American President.

This was his exact tweet via his official handle on Twitter, @Davido,
"Not going to America until the draft is over!! Crazy ass Trump is trying to have me shouting Shekpe from Iran. 😂"

A lot of angry Nigerians have reacted to his statement via a post written to this regard by @NwagboNonso on Opera News .
+234-813152*** said,

"Davido shut up abegi. The fact you were born there does not give you the right to insult Trump or talk trash. He can stop you from entering the US. God placed the US above other nations to deal with this kind of situation, and there's nothing you can do about it. Nonsense. You are a full Naija guy, Americano like you."

Benedict Alexander said,
"You, this boy. I never liked your pride, but my little four years daughter likes you. WizKid is a very humble and quiet guy, unlike you. Your money is vanity, so just shut up and remain like a normal guy for your money doesn't freak me since no one in life can take his/her wealth to the grave. Abeg doesn't implicate Nigeria. Deal with your problem alone. Trump took the bold step. All terrorists must die in Jesus' name, Amen."
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  1. If u notice all dis people r Christian,how can one be cool why dey kill ur fellow human,where are we goin wit did
    world to,if were to be a Christian land it would have been diffrnt,am not sayin Davido is right neither is he wrong is just human DAT is way of showin concern


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