Even If He's Ogboni man, Wasiu Ayinde Is My Guest"- Genesis Celestial Pastor Breaks Silence

Even If He's Ogboni man, Wasiu Ayinde Is My Guest Genesis Celestial Pastor Breaks Silence

Still following the picture that erupted on social
media a few days prior as regards Genesis Global Pastor that invited veteran Fuji Musician,Wasiu Ayinde,to perform on the church altar of God without considering his social life status.

Recalled the reports published on this platform as regard an accuser who provided rare evidence that the King of Fuji, Wasiu Ayinde, is from a fatherhood locally translated as "Ogboni" in Yoruba language.

The issue started when he allegedly invited fuji maestro, Wasiu Ayinde to perform at the annual harvest of the church, a move that is seen as an abomination in the celestial body.
As if that isn't enough, it was also reported that he allowed Prophet Odumbaku, AKA Baba Eto, a pastor in charge of one of the branches too to sit on the founder's chair.
Although reports have been going round that the celestial church of christ in nigeria is planning to sack Genesis as a pastor in the church, it is yet to ascertain if it is true or not but it has been confirmed that he is currently going through tough times with the church.

However, the prophet has cried out to explain what happened and why it happened
*''I didn't invite K1 to perform at our harvest. He was my guest. And out of courtesy, I couldn't stop him from praising God with songs being a respected musician.*
*Also, Cardinal Odumbaku sat on the Founder's Chair because I was distracted by other matters when he came in. And out of respect for age, I couldn't ask him to leave the seat.

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