How A Magazine Story Broke The Bond Between Odunlade Adekola And Toyin Abraham's Hubby, Kola Ajeyemi

How A Magazine Story Broke The Bond Between Odunlade Adekola And Toyin Abraham's Hubby, Kola Ajeyemi

This is a story not many people are aware of but it needs to
be told. Any follower of the rise of star actor, Odunlade Adekola to fame should be in the know of the fact that, Toyin Abraham's husband, Kola Ajeyemi used to be very close to the tall Yoruba movie actor. As a matter of fact, Odunlade and Kola Ajeyemi used to be what some would describe 6 and 7 because where ever Odunlade was found, Kola Ajeyemi would be somewhere within too.

 And that was the situation until sometime in 2011, when a magazine interview pushed a wedge between them. And things were never the same ever again.

Now, the full story. When late Ishola Durojaye better known as Alasari gave Odunlade the lead role that brought him to the limelight in his movie titled " Asiri Gomina Wa" released in 2003, not many knew Alasari had just set him on the path to greatness as the feat put the career of the thespian from Ekiti State, on upward swing.

And on the wing of that opportunity, Odunlade went on to start producing his own movies which came to the climax in 2009 with the release of his groundbreaking effort titled "Emi Ni Ire Kan".

With "Emi Ni Ire Kan" in which Odunlade played the lead role of a stammering hip-hop singer alongside Ronke Odunsanya better known as Flaky Ididowo and Kola Ajeyemi otherwise known as Awilo, who both played supporting lead roles, came Odunlade's filip into stardorm as he became one of the most sought-after actors in the Yoruba section of Nollywood. And seeing the major breakthrough in his "brother's" career, Awilo began to tag along with him, perhaps to keep tapping from his annointing, till a major break would come his own way too. And Odunlade on his own part too acquiesced to giving him a hand of fellowship in that regard.

Hence, through Odunlade's follow up movies like " Sunday Dagboru", and "Monday Omo Adugbo" both released in 2010, Awilo was given prominent roles such that his own face began to be more and more familiar with viewers. But problem started when a journalist friend contacted this writer that he needed to conduct interviews with a good number of Yoruba actors as an Entertertainment Correspondent of a fledgling magazine published in Abuja called "Celebrity World", and this writer asked him (the friend) to come to Abeokuta where he (this writer) was then reporting for a leading celebrity magazine as Ogun State Correspondent.

When the now defunct Celebrity World Magazine's correspondent got to Abeokuta, this writer took him to a movie location where the likes of Odunlade, Ebun Oloyede a.k.a. Olaiya Igwe and of course, Awilo, were featuring in a movie shoot, and along the line Olaiya Igwe and Awilo were tracked down for interviews. Meanwhile, the question that eventually caused a frosty relationship between Odunlade and Awilo bordered on how Awilo's relationship was fairing with Odunlade as asked by the Celebrity World Magazine's correspondent for which Awilo's response created the crack that refused to be truly mended till date.

And what was his response? In the course of answering the question he said: " Odunlade and I were contemporaries because we joined the industry the same year and about the same time...!" And that was it. When the interview was published, some people within the industry who were not happy with the very close relationship between Odunlade and Awilo, took a copy to Odunlade to see how Awilo had according to them, disrespected him by saying they were contemporaries in the interview. The feelers that got to this writer then further revealed that Odunlade was so miffed with the interview that he felt he needed to teach Awilo who he was still trying to help build his career, a lesson of his life, for the "disrespect".

And what did Odunlade do? He became hostile to Awilo and stopped telling him about his movement such that Awilo could not follow him to anywhere again like they used to do. And to rub salt on the injury, Odunlade immediately shopped for Awilo's replacement in Tunde Owokoniran who he started giving prominent roles he would have given Awilo if their relationship had not gone awry with the magazine interview. Hence Tunde Owokoniran began to rise to stardom as a result of his replacement for Awilo. While on the other hand, Awilo went into the wilderment as far as far as his acting career was concerned before he later rediscover himself.

And as fate would have it, since he is destined to shine in the movie industry somehow, Awilo's path later crossed with Toyin Abraham's, against all odds. They "did the do", like funky guys would say. She got pregnant, they denied the affair, she put to bed, they came public with their relationship, and the rest of the story is history. But the most important thing in all of this, is that the love scenario consequently threw up Awilo as a prominent personality in the movie industry years after he missed the opportunity of gaining similar ground due to a magazine interview that went bad for him.

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